Broken Lines: PortaPlay’s tactical RPG dates its arrival on PC

Unveiled in early January by and PortaPlay, Broken Lines will keep its promise to arrive during the first quarter, at least on PC.

The publisher and the developer of the game have just announced that the title to be released on Steam and GOG on February 25. The tactical RPG will plunge us into the heart of World War II, and put us at the controls of a squad whose plane crashed. Bad luck, the crash took place behind enemy lines, and it will take make the right decisions so the troop can go home. Speaking of this squad, the studio allows us to learn more about each of the soldiers, thanks to a few images.

In addition to the notion of adversity, represented by enemies, players will have to deal with the different aspirations of the team. Some will do anything to return, others will rather die than not save an innocent. So the progression in Broken Lines will be well aligned with the tactical success of players only on the dialog management, present throughout the game.

Broken Lines sends us behind the enemy’s back

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