Bruno Lemaire is already forgetting that he is the new digital minister

“Bruno Lemaire Appointed Minister of Economy, Finance, Industrial and Digital Sovereignty” of the government of Elisabeth Born. The announcement, made by the Secretary General of the Elysee Palace less than an hour ago, was quickly shared by a person concerned on Twitter.

A relay that completely ignores the digital portfolio. What is forecast for the worst for sector participants?

End bracket 16 years

The absence of a State Secretariat dedicated to Digital in the Bourne government closes brackets 16 years when the topic will be carried out in a special way, always, however, under the direction of the Ministry of Economy. Recent governments have included the position of Secretary of State in charge of digitalization (2019) endorsed by Cédric O. The latter will continue his mission in the Castex government in the cap of Secretary of State in charge of digital transition and electronic communications (2020). Previously, Munir Mahjoubi was appointed Secretary of State for Digital Affairs (2017), the same title was given in 2014 by Axel Lemaire and Fleur Pellerin in 2012.

In fact, you have to go back to the presidency of Jacques Chirac to find traces of a government (2004-2008) that ignored a delegated ministry or secretariat of state for digital.

However, on May 5, a forum signed by many industry players demanded a “full-fledged digital ministry.”

“This ministry must be provided with the human, financial and institutional resources that will enable it to deal with the multiple aspects of digital technologies in a coherent manner, which can promote all of our know-how, protect our interests and make digital technology an undeniable advantage. an opportunity for all the constituents of our nation,” the signatories explained.

Therefore, only the concept of “digital sovereignty” attracted the attention of the new government. However, this does not seem to offend some of the signers on the platform. Quentin Adam, CEO of Clever Cloud, told : “Without going so far as to congratulate myself on the situation (I would obviously prefer a different outcome), we can see progress on behalf of this government’s ministry.

“In the absence of an entire ministry, we can imagine a large dose of digital technologies in several individual ministries (economy, industry, health…),” Guillaume Rozier, the well-known creator of the Covid service, also points out on Twitter tonight. tracker line. “Note the addition of ‘digital sovereignty’ to Bruno Le Maire’s portfolio. This is great news because this is one of the next digital challenges in France. »

Others are more squeaky:

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