Brussels wants to restore nearly 130,000 doses of vaccine administered to non-residents

“The drankt that we have enough doses to vaccinate the people of Brussels “, said a spokesman for Cocom, the organization responsible for the vaccination campaign in Brussels. Supporting information released Wednesday in Evening, he admits that nearly 130,000 doses of the vaccine attributed to the Brussels region were administered to non-residents of Brussels.

An element that explains, at least in part, why there are proportionately fewer people already vaccinated in Brussels than in other regions. In statistics, vaccination rates are calculated at the place of residence of patients, and not at the place of vaccination. “If we take into account non-residents, then vaccination rates in Brussels will approach those of Wallonia and Flanders., explains the representative. We are in solidarity with other regions, but then additional doses will be required for the residents of Brussels. “she adds. Brussels Health Minister Alain Maron (Ecolo) has repeatedly called for these “lost” doses to be given to Brussels, but so far without much success.

Gradual recovery

This issue is still being discussed at the Inter-Ministerial Conference (CIM), which is attended by the country’s health ministers. “This restoration, if it takes place, cannot be done in one go anyway.”, annoying Christopher Barzal, communications manager for the vaccination task force. “This would lead to an imbalance: Wallonia and Flanders could not provide a dose to all citizens invited to vaccinate, and there would be too many doses in Brussels compared to those registered for the day.”he explains.

Christopher Barzal recalls that the first challenge with vaccinations is the time constraint between delivery and injection. “It’s not about the place of residence, but about the collective efforts to achieve immunity.“- concludes a spokesman for Cocom. CIM meets on June 5 to discuss, among other things, this issue.

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