Buick Electra E4, electric SUV coupe, will restart the brand in China?

Curiously, Buick has chosen the Electra 5, a very traditional SUV, to launch its new line of electric models. However, the Electra 4 is also on the way, a model that is a little more capable of modernizing its image.

In June 2022, Buick lured the barge in with its Electra X concept, which announced a dynamic and sleek electric crossover. What a disappointment to find the first production model in the Electra family. The Electra E5 is truly an ultra-classic SUV in concept and design. Not exactly the kind of revolution an American brand needs to restart itself in a Chinese market that has become very difficult for foreign brands.

Fortunately, the second model looks a little more modern. This Electra E4 is a direct successor to the concept. Perhaps it would be useful for him to be introduced first? It’s a bit more than just a coupe version of the E5. The base is the same with an identical 2954mm wheelbase, 4818mm long (-74mm) and 1912mm wide (+7mm). It is indeed much lower with its 1580 mm. 75mm smaller, making all the difference in overall proportions that are more reminiscent of a tall sedan than an SUV. However, the design itself, like the E5, could belong to any brand. The disappearance of the brand’s decades-old chrome-plated grille does not help in identification.

At the moment, a 2WD version with a capacity of 180 kW has been announced. An all-wheel drive version is also in the program. All information will be confirmed during its presentation in April at an exhibition in Shanghai.

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