Build autonomous vehicles with the NVIDIA DRIVE AGX Orin Developer Kit

Autonomous vehicle developers may be interested to know that NVIDIA has announced the release of its new DRIVE AGX Orin Developer Kit with DRIVE OS 6. Providing access to flexible, scalable and highperformance hardware and software to create the next generation of safer and more efficient transportation .

The NVIDIA DRIVE AGX Orin Development Kit is now available to the public and runs on a single Orin systemonachip (SoC). The AI ​​computing platform includes the hardware, software, and sample applications needed to develop massproduced autonomous vehicles. The computing platform is modular and shares the same design as NVIDIA Jetson, NVIDIA Isaac, and NVIDIA Clara AGX.

Create autonomous cars

“With rich automotive I/O, you have the flexibility to expand and replicate your autonomous driving solutions. DRIVE AGX Orin includes a basic bench development kit and an optional automotive kit for installation on a vehicle. The platform also takes up less space than previous generations, and the system and accessories are in the same box. In addition, NVIDIA DRIVE OS 6 is now available on the NVIDIA DRIVE Developer Download page and provides the latest operating system specifically built for autonomous vehicles. “

“The NVIDIA DRIVE operating system includes NvMedia for sensor input processing, NVIDIA CUDA libraries for efficient parallel computing implementations, and NVIDIA TensorRT for realtime AI inference. The current version available is DRIVE OS 6.0.4, which supports sensors included in the NVIDIA DRIVE Hyperion 8.1 platform architecture. You can speed up loading and simplify your development environment setup by installing software with NGC DRIVE OS Docker containers or NVIDIA SDK Manager.”

DRIVE OS 6.0 provides the following benefits:

– Development for NVIDIA DRIVE AGX Orin, an advanced softwaredefined platform for autonomous vehicles.
– Manufacturing support with DRIVE OS QNX for Safety or DRIVE OS Linux with safety extensions
– Comprehensive security model:
– PKS No. 11
– Secure Boot
– DRIVE Orin Platform Safety Controller (PSC)
– Public Key Encryption (PKC) algorithms
– Functional Safety Island (FSI)
– High performance computing acceleration engines including CUDA, TensorRT, NvMedia and NvStreams.
– Ability to develop natively on an Ubuntu 20.04 host or with Docker containers on an Ubuntu 20.04 or 18.04 host.
– Broad ecosystem of industry partners and expertise

Source: NVIDIA

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