“Bullshit”: Elon Musk caused the divorce of the head of Google?

DObviously, the Tesla and SpaceX boss’s escapades raise a lot of questions. According to a Wall Street Journal poll released on Monday, July 25, Elon Musk may be closely linked to the divorce of one of his close friends, who is none other than a top Google executive… his co-founder Sergei. Brin. We are talking about a short extramarital relationship that he would have had with his wife in December 2021.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the divorce of Sergey Brin and his wife Nicole Shanahan was filed at the request of the co-founder of the #1 search engine in the world. According to the article, Sergey Brin and Nicole Shanahan were already separated at the time of the alleged facts. However, a formal divorce request would certainly have intervened after the “brief relationship” between Elon Musk and the Alphabet leader’s wife. The intended adventure was to take place in December 2021 in Miami at the Art Basel contemporary art event.

At the same time, Sergey Brin would decide to sell all his shares in Elon Musk’s companies. So, as far as Tesla is concerned, according to the American economic newspaper, this is an investment of $500,000. However, to date, our colleagues have not been able to confirm that this equity withdrawal was indeed carried out. On the other hand, the divorce is registered. This was upheld by a local California court due to “irreconcilable differences”.

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Elon Musk defends himself… on Twitter

If the current president of Google’s Alphabet group didn’t react, his “rival” didn’t hesitate. On Twitter, Elon Musk called the revelations “big bullshit”, describing the paper as “under the tabloid”. “Sergei and I are friends and last night we were together at a party! I saw Nicole only twice in three years, and both times surrounded by many other people. Nothing romantic,” defended the American businessman.

This return of Elon Musk to the headlines comes just days after the July 8 announcement of his withdrawal from the Twitter takeover. Since then, the leaders of the network have launched legal proceedings against the financier to oblige him to comply with the agreement under pain of paying significant fines.

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