Burger King: discover this exclusive and explosive partnership that could take place with Sony on the occasion of the release of the next PS5, the future console eagerly awaited by fans!

The manufacturers of game consoles do not stop innovating and are waging war against each other!

It must be said that it is not every day that new consoles are released for the general public. We remember in particular Nintendo who released the Switch and caused great expectations among fans of video games in the world. This console is also a real success for the great brand of video games which is a real hit with many players. I have to say that Nintendo does not hesitate to innovate in the field by regularly offering new ways of playing on its consoles, whether with 3D on the Nintendo 3DS, with movements on the Wii, or with a new combination of screens and controllers with the Switch.

Regarding Sony, fans of the firm can’t wait to see what the next PS5 will really offer when it comes out, which should make a lot of noise. If some video games have already been unveiled for the release of the latter, third-party publishers and Sony have not yet said their last word and we should see in the days and weeks to come new games announced for the release of the console which should work very well! In this period of the coronavirus health crisis, all means of entertainment are good, and in this regard the PS5 will arrive at the right time.

Indeed, the console should be talked about at the end of the year, because it will be available for sale just before Christmas: a real boon for the builder but also for all distributors who must be delighted to see this perfect timing! But to make people talk about their new console, Sony seems to have an amazing marketing strategy, since they seem to have decided to make a partnership with Burger King!

Burger King unveils the sound of the next Playstation 5, fans can not believe it!

It is indeed a partnership that nobody expected and which will make a lot of noise during the coming weeks to come. Indeed, the large restaurant chain has published a confusing message on Twitter where we can see a video of its mascot.

On the latter, we can see the “king” of the burgers opening a bag of Burger King. But as the bag opens, we can distinguish a blue light and a sound that clearly does not leave indifferent!

Quickly, the biggest Playstation fans thought to themselves that it was bound to be linked to the next console that will soon be hitting all stores, when others thought it was just pure coincidence. But some time later, we could see Sony react by retweeting the Burger King message and adding some emojis.

Although nothing has been officially confirmed, it would seem that Burger King and Sony have formed a partnership on the occasion of the release of the next Playstation 5! But what is it more exactly? Are we going to see new Burger King video games arriving on the console, as was the case in particular on a Microsoft X-Box console a few years ago? For the moment, the mystery remains unsolved!

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