Butter and less water in the gas in Delémont

The departure of Delémont de Régiogaz and the price of gas once again made the City Council of Delémont speak. Three oral questions were asked on the subject during the legislative session on Monday night. The socialist Diego Tomaselli wanted to know the reaction of the municipality to the recent rise announced by Régiogaz, the fourth this year, which amounts to more than 87% of gas prices. The councilor in charge of the file announced that a little more than half of the increase will be supported through a leveling fund provided by consumers in the mountain. Murielle Macchi-Berdat gives further explanations:

A second oral question from Magali Rohner of the Left Alternative referred to the continuation of Delémont de Régiogaz’s departure scheduled for October 1. Murielle Macchi-Berdat revealed that contacts had been resumed with the other member municipalities of the company and that the departure of Delémont could, under the conditions, take place at the end of the year:

The last oral question on the subject came from the radical Pierre Chételat, who asked about the municipality’s position on biomethane. Murielle Macchi-Berdat indicated that the city did not oppose this process, as long as the biogas production is used for transformation into electricity.

A walkway transformed into a temporary cul-de-sac and an archive moving towards Place Roland-Béguelin

A loan of 1’360’000 francs also made the legislative delémontain flow again on Monday evening. The sum was earmarked for the construction of a new footbridge for pedestrians and cyclists in Morépont. The entry to the matter was rejected by 27 votes to 5. The majority asked that the construction of a wooden walkway be studied and not in metal. The left evoked “a project that does not go in the direction of the climate plan”, while the PLR ​​spoke of a project “disproportionate and luxurious”. Councilor Ernest Borruat stressed that timber infrastructure could cost more, but to no avail.

The City Council, on the other hand, approved by an obvious majority the loan of 220,000 francs to develop the project to remodel the Roland-Béguelin square and the meeting area of ​​the old town. The case has not sparked any debate except on the guarantee that the surfaces available to public establishments for their terraces are guaranteed. Ernest Borruat is committed in this direction and stressed that current rights would be preserved.

We double the attendance fees

Finally, the Jura capital legislature considered amending municipal regulations on attendance fees assigned to members of the legislature. In this way, the amounts will double, even for committee meetings when the latter were excluded from the increase foreseen in the project prepared by the City Council. The standardization proposal carried out by the Left Alternative was supported by 25 votes to 7. Another wish of the same political group was nevertheless rejected by 29 votes to 8. The Left Alternative demanded that municipal staff continue to receive attendance fees in case of participation in meetings related to the legislature outside of working hours. In the final vote, the modification of the regulation was approved by a clear majority. / fco


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