Buy a cheap car

Do you have between $ 2,000 and $ 5,000 to buy a used car? Go ahead, but be vigilant! Here are 5 tips for buying a cheap car.

1. Be patient and responsive

When doing your research, be patient and avoid rushing to the first ad. However, stay on the lookout for a good deal! For example, keywords like “sole proprietorship”, “estate” and “retirement” will help you find interesting vehicles.

According to Richard Léger, used car hunter: “There are few deals among vehicles under $ 3,000 and when a good deal presents itself, the car can be sold in just a few hours. “

2. Go for a manual

Manual cars typically cost $ 500 to $ 1,000 less than automatic ones.

If you choose a manual vehicle with high mileage, ask for the clutch replacement date and check its operation. Also, all gears must pass without difficulty.

3. Be flexible on the equipment

Better a car in good condition than a top-of-the-range car well equipped but with an uncertain history.

On vehicles 10 years and older, check the essential equipment and assess its repair. Nobody likes to drive in winter without heating!

4. Have the vehicle inspected

It is essential to have a vehicle inspected before purchase. This investment of $ 100 to $ 200 will allow you to negotiate the price or avoid a bad deal.

Without the inspection, you risk seeing the savings on the purchase go into costly repairs later.

5. Dare to use colors

Pastel green, yellow, metallic gold … Cars with old-fashioned colors depreciate more than black or gray vehicles.

By being less capricious about color, you will have access to more choices!

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