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Mexico City – A gamer bought a PlayStation 5 online, however, did not get the console, but did get some bricks.

Twitter user Kraton 69 denounced the incident and showed several photos of it showing that at no point did he get the PlayStation he bought.

“@VideojuegosGAME @CTTExpressES I want a bloody answer now on why I spent € 399.99 on some bricks”

“The CTT company according to them is not responsible and they just gave it to my wife like that… I’m waiting for Game compensation because it’s shameful,” he posted.

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The incident happened in Spain and after the complaint he received a response and it is expected that the right product will be sent to him soon.

CTT express was in charge of picking up the package and although it took a few hours to respond, Kraton received their complaint.

In an interview he gave for the Marca newspaper in Spain, Kraton 69 reported having validated the purchase insurance and promised that he would soon have the PlayStation.

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Sony has not put the PlayStatiot 5 on sale in stores and only sells it online to avoid the crowds in stores which could be a source of Covid-19 contagion.

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