Buy crypto The Graph (GRT): tutorial to invest in the token

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Graph intends to revolutionize the blockchain ecosystem by offering a decentralized protocol for querying and indexing data from various blockchains. Do you think this project can position itself as the Google of the blockchain? This is good as you will find below where and how to buy specific GRT tokens for The Graph project.

Where to buy GRT (The Graph) tokens?

To get started, we offer you a presentation of the best crypto platform to invest in The Graph. In fact, there are quite a few platforms that offer the ability to buy GRT tokens. Now, not all of them are as good as they say.

So where can you buy The Graph tokens? We recommend that you stop by the famous Binance crypto platform.

It must be said that Binance has a lot of assets to show to you, the investor. What has contributed greatly to the success of Binance (which is the most widely used crypto platform in the world) is the fees charged.

Buy The Graph here

In fact, when you go to buy, but also to sell digital assets, Binance will not charge you more than 0.1% of the fees. For comparison, Coinbase has a 1.49% buy / sell charge.

Best Binance Crypto Exchange

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Binance also has a reputation for being the platform that offers the most cryptocurrencies. Rightly so, as you will be able to invest in several hundred digital assets. And this value keeps increasing with regular new hires.

It is good to note that the Binance service can be used both through their site and through their mobile app. You will have access to the same functionalities. Speaking of functions, the possibilities are diverse and varied. No other specialized crypto broker offers such diversity.

Through the Binance service, you will be able to: buy / sell / exchange cryptocurrencies, save your digital assets (to earn interest), make a loan, participate in the launch of new projects, order and use a Visa card with the Binance seal (to pay for your daily cryptocurrency purchases) and much more.

One more thing before explaining how to buy GRT, The Graph token. Please note that Binance offers many interesting resources and documentation on its site. You will be able to inform yourself about a good number of projects to, why not, find a promising crypto.


How do I buy The Graph tokens? Step by step tutorial

Now that you know our opinion on the best site to invest in this digital asset, we will explain how to buy Graph tokens.

We reassure you right now (if necessary), the following steps are simple. Even if you have never had the opportunity to invest in virtual currencies, you will be successful in carrying out this mission.

1 – Open an account on Binance

If you have not done so already, you will need to create an account with Binance. Click on the following button to go directly to the account opening form:

Open a Binance account

From the latter, you will have to:

  • Specify the country you are in
  • Give an email address
  • Please enter a password
  • Validate the creation of your account by giving the code that will be sent to you by email.

Suffice it to say, it will pass very quickly. Now know that in order to fully use Binance and therefore buy Graph (ticker: GRT) tokens, you will have to verify your identity at all costs.

Doing this, again, is relatively simple. Provide some information about yourself, as well as proof of address and a copy of your identity document. The relevant Binance departments will contact you after a few hours to confirm the verification of your identity.

This may surprise some, but this approach is necessary to meet the expectations of the authorities that regulate the financial markets.

2 – Deposit money in your account

Step 2 of our tutorial on how to buy Graph tokens is depositing funds. Without funds, no investment is possible. We are not teaching you anything.

Binance offers several methods:

  • Credit card
  • SEPA transfer (through your partner Advcash)
  • P2P bank transfer

At this level, we recommend opting for the deposit by card or via Advcash. The fastest method of depositing funds is still the bank card, as you will have access to your money directly. However, the deposit through Advcash is not that long. Expect “classic” delays for a transfer, on the order of 1 to 3 days.

Choice of Binance deposit method

Interface to deposit funds © Binance

Once you have chosen your deposit method, simply click “Continue”. You will then be able to provide the necessary information to make the deposit.

3 – Buy Graph tokens (GRT)

Once your funds have reached Binance, you will finally be able to buy The Graph (ticker: GRT) tokens.

Having trouble finding your way around the Binance site? Don’t panic, we’ll help you.

From the site’s main menu, hover over the “Merchant” option. Then click on the “Markets” option. It is in this part of the site where you will find all the cryptocurrencies that are possible to buy on Binance, including The Graph and its GRT token.

Buy The Graph tokens

To save time manually searching for the row that matches The Graph digital asset, use the search bar and type “GRT” (1).

Then order by clicking on the “Fiat” filter (2). This will allow you to see the trading pairs that offer the ability to buy Graph tokens with “classic” currencies, including the euro.

Finally, you will have in front of you the trading pair that will allow you to invest in The Graph with your funds in Euros. Press the text “Trader” (3) to the right of the line to place your buy order.

If you prefer, know that there are other trading pairs to buy GRT (Bitcoin, Ether, BUSD, USDT).

Trading The Graph GRT Binance

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Binance will direct you to its trading interface. From it you can very well perform a search to proceed to the purchase of Ethereum, Bitcoin, etc.

The first thing to do is select the type of order you want to place: Limit, Market, Stop-Limit. Unless you are an experienced trader, skip the “Stop-Limit” option. It is not suitable for a long-term investor.

For information purposes, the “Market” order corresponds to the purchase at market price. Whereas the “Limit” order means that you will set a unit price per token from The Graph that should not be exceeded. By opting for this second option, you will protect yourself from the volatility of this digital asset.

In fact, you are never sure that in a few seconds the price will increase drastically, which makes your purchase much less interesting than expected (when placing an order at the market price).

Once you have chosen the type of order, you just have to enter the number of Graph tokens you want to buy OR the amount in euros you want to invest.

Validate the set by finally clicking on “Buy GRT”.

Acheter The Graph GRT Binance

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As soon as your purchase order is completed, Binance will notify you. Please note that at any time you can cancel your purchase order (if it has not yet been fully executed).

Trade TSO on Binance

And how do you sell your Graph tokens? You just have to go back to the previous trading interface. Then enter the number of TSOs you want to sell and set the price, all this in the appropriate column. Note that you can sell at market price as well as a higher price if you think the latter is achievable.

Buy TSO with card on Binance (alternative)

Binance makes buying The Graph tokens even easier than the method outlined above (although this one is already simple).

In fact, you can invest in GRT crypto by buying it directly with a credit card. You should proceed as in a traditional online purchase.

Obviously, to get there, the first thing you need to do is open a Binance account. Once it has been validated and your identity confirmed, simply go to the “Buy Crypto” menu and click on “Credit / Debit Card”.

In this way, you will find the following interface:

Acheter The Graph GRT Binance CB

Interface to buy Graph tokens with a card © Binance

From there you will only have to:

  • Choose the currency you want to pay with (Euro)
  • Select the crypto you want to buy (for The Graph GRT search)
  • Enter the amount you want to invest. It is also possible to enter the number of Graph tokens you want to buy.
  • Finally, make the payment by giving your credit card details and validating the purchase.
  • A few seconds later, you will see The Graph tokens in your Binance wallet.

    Buy Graph tokens here

    All that said, keep in mind that this method is not, in our opinion, the most interesting. In fact, the price negotiated by Binance during your purchase will be higher than the market price. Now, if you don’t mind, nothing prevents you from favoring the purchase of TRB with a bank card.

    Some information on The Graph

    To conclude this guide on how to buy GRT tokens, we will still take the time to inform you about The Graph project.

    Graph is an indexing protocol for querying data on networks such as Ethereum, Avalanche, Polygon, Arbitrum, Celo, Fantom, and many others. This protocol allows feeding many applications both in the DeFi ecosystem (decentralized finance) and in Web3 in general.

    Thanks to The Graph, anyone can publish open APIs, called “subgraphs” (or subgraphs) to retrieve data from the blockchain. Currently, several thousand applications use the services offered by The Graph, including big names like Uniswap, Aave, Decentraland …

    Since its inception, The Graph has successfully raised more than $ 25 million to improve its product and drive adoption.

    The GRT token (which is unique to The Graph) is locked by indexers, curators, and delegators so that they can provide indexing and curation services to the network. The Graph token is of type ERC-20, one of the Ethereum blockchain standards.

    All actors of The Graph protocol can receive an income, in TSO, depending on the amount of work performed. This applies equally to indexers, curators, and active delegates. As a simple investor, know that you can also participate in the protocol and thus earn interest.

    To do this, you just have to go to The Graph website, connect your wallet, and then delegate your GRT tokens to the indexer of your choice.

    What should you know about the economics (tokenomics) of the Graph token? You should know that in total there will be more than 10 billion GRT tokens. Due to this large number, the price of a Graph token will always be affordable (unlike Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies). Therefore, you will not have a problem buying them in large quantities.

    Buy TSO on Binance

    Do you want more information about The Graph, its token and more? Take a tour of the project’s official website. There are many relevant resources available in this regard.



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