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Sony presents the new Gray Camouflage collection for PS5. Fans can now purchase the camo console, controller, and headset.

Hamburg. Those who have always been annoyed that the all-white PS5 is so easily mocked in the wild can now rub their hands. Sony has indeed announced the so-called Gray Camouflage collection for the PlayStation. The line will include a console, controllers and headphones in a practical camouflage design.

Console name PlayStation 5 (PS5) Manufacturer Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) Type Fixed game console Generation 09 console Storage media Blu-Ray, SSD Release date: November 19, 2020

Buy PS5: Sony unveils Gray Camouflage collection in first trailer

What is the Gray Camouflage Collection for PS5? In fact, this is exactly what can be imagined under this name. Gamers can now buy the Sony PS5 in camouflage in addition to the standard white and more vibrant colors like red, purple or blue. Sony has detailed the new Gray Camouflage collection on its own PlayStation Blog.

If you want to dress up your PS5 in a new camouflage look, you don’t have to wait for the long-awaited purchase and get yourself a brand new console. As with the colors of the Galaxy series, the gray camo for the Sony PS5 can be purchased as a console case. Then simply press the cover to attach it to your PS5 and replace it anytime if you don’t feel like you’re in disguise anymore. If you’re still looking for a console, we recommend you take a look at our PS5-Ticker.

Buying a PS5: the console is not the only one in gray camouflage

What else is in the Gray Camouflage collection for PS5? In addition to the console cover, the Gray Camouflage collection also includes a DualSense controller and a gray camouflage pattern headset. Unlike the console cover, it’s not possible to change the design of the controller and headset – so those who hesitate should think carefully before buying.

  • Here you can order the Gray Comuflage collection for PS5 from Sony.

When will the Gray Camouflage Collection be available from Sony? Sony is currently planning to release a fall collection of Gray Camouflage. The first pre-orders should be possible from 15 September. The DualSense and gray camouflage console skin will mark their official release on October 14th. Starting October 28, DualSense for PS5 will also be available in other stores.

Buy PS5: Sony announces Gray Camouflage collection for console

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Fans will unfortunately have to wait a bit for the Pulse helmet from the Gray Camouflage collection. There is no exact release date for the headphones yet, but Sony is promising a December release date.

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