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Sony’s new PS5 is expected to launch in 2023. This new console model is discussed in a report by renowned industry insider Tom Henderson.

Hamburg. For those who are still having difficulty buying a Sony PS5, it’s worth listening to. According to insider Tom Henderson’s report for Insider Gaming, Sony plans to release a new PlayStation in 2023. This will be a revision of the already available PS5. The updated console will be equipped with a removable drive.

Console name PlayStation 5 (PS5) Manufacturer Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) Type Fixed game console Generation 09 console Storage media Blu-Ray, SSD Release date: November 19, 2020

Buy a PS5: new console must have a replaceable hard drive

What should Sony’s new PS5 be capable of? According to Tom Henderson, the ever well-informed industry insider, Sony’s PS5 is about to undergo a rather unique revision in video game history. For now, the project will continue to be referred to internally as “D Chassis PlayStation 5” and will replace the A, B, and C chassis of the PS5 when it launches in 2023.

PS5 hiding behind a curtain

Technically, the new PS5 should be about the same level as the console currently available, not the supposed Pro variant. The decisive difference concerns the PlayStation player. On the new Sony PS5 model, it should be interchangeable and no longer integrated into the console. The reader is now connected to the back of the console via an additional USB-C port. According to Henderson, the design of the PS5 should not depend on external storage. It appears that the player can be discreetly attached to the console without any negative visual impact.

Buy a PS5: the new PlayStation could be a thin model

Why does the PS5 need to have a removable hard drive? A discless console would have to be smaller than the current PS5 in the first place. In the spring, the first rumors were already pointing to the PS5 Slim. So it’s entirely possible that the PS5 Slim is a Playstation 5 with a replacement hard drive from Henderson.

Sony itself may want to further reduce sales of game discs with drive optimization, because the margin in a purely digital PlayStation Network is simply higher than with regular sales of games in a store. The next few months will show if the PS5 actually comes with a replaceable hard drive.

If you’re still looking for a regular PlayStation 5, take a look at our PS5-Ticker. Here we inform you about all the drops and sales of the coveted console.

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