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Even though the restocking situation is getting better, the PlayStation 5 remains highly coveted in September. What should PS5 hunters look out for this week?

Update 05/09/2022, 13:16: 2 new PS5 bundles have appeared on Alternative. You will find them here:

If they appear as unavailable, please try again later. When alternating, the drops are of course always small, but they are usually enough for several days. Consoles are released from time to time in small quantities.

Update 09/05/2022 1:08 PM: Here’s the new week’s preview again: Buy PS5: Availability from 05/09/2022 – 5 sellers could drop this week

Update 09/05/2022 10:55 AM: Currently, you can even order a PS5 online at lidl. However, a PlayStation 5 with a hard drive costs a tidy sum of €744.19.

As of 5/9/2022 8:00 AM: Hamburg, Germany is Monday again, which means: new week, new luck, PS5 hunters! September hasn’t brought its fair share of new products yet, and resellers haven’t yet had to deal with new console arrivals from Sony. The week that has just begun should be even more exciting. Indeed, the overall restocking situation is becoming more and more calm, and the prospects for further sales are good. We look at the current situation and tell you which resellers to watch out for right now. In addition, we provide you here, in the form of a ticker, with the latest information about all the important events related to the “Buy PS5” topic.

Console name PlayStation 5 (PS5) Manufacturer Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) Type Fixed game console Generation 09 console Storage media Blu-Ray, SSD Release date: November 19, 2020

PS5 purchase: early September restocking situation – many interesting suppliers again

Where can I last buy a PS5? There were three notable promotions last week when it came to online sales, but all in the last days of August. First there was a drop in Medimax, then Kaufland released new bundles and OTTO also sold the coveted console again.

Also in September, there was already the first PS5 restock, but so far only locally. Some MediaMarkt stores would offer the PlayStation 5 locally, including the new MediaMarkt Alexa (Berlin).

Here is an overview of the latest releases and current restocking prospects for all affected retailers:

  • PS5 Status on MediaMarkt & Saturn –> PS5 Last Drop 8/25/2022 (Both Retail Stores, Online): Medium-High Likelihood of Online Drop on MediaMarkt and Saturn, Local In Store Promotions Possible
  • PS5 Situation on Amazon –> PS5 Last Drop August 17, 2022 on Amazon FR: High Chances of Console Restocking (Amazon FR)
  • PS5 Situation at OTTO –> PS5 Last Drop 8/30/2022: Average Console Restock Chances
  • PS5 situation in Expert –> Last PS5 drop 01/05/2022 (store local): Low chance of getting drops (good chance for anyone on the waitlist in the market. Waitlists seem to be delivered regularly).
  • PS5 Situation at Müller –> Last PS5 Drop 21/07/2022: Average Chances of Console Restocking
  • PS5 Situation During PlayStation Direct –> Last PS5 Drop 8/24/2022: Console Restock High Chance
  • PS5 Situation on Alternative –> PS5 Last Drop 8/28/2022: Bundle is currently available all the time
  • PS5 Location at Euronics –> PS5 Last Drop 8/17/2022: Low chance of restocking consoles
  • PS5 Situation at Medimax –> Last PS5 Drop 8/29/2022: Low Chances of Console Restocking
  • PS5 Situation in Kaufland –> Latest PS5 Release 8/29/2022: PS5 Bundles Still Available Online Uninterrupted
  • PS5 Situation at GameStop –> Last PS5 Drop 07/01/2022: Average Drop Chance Online, Possible Local Actions in Stores
  • PS5 Situation in MyToys –> PS5 Last Drop 8/22/2022: Low Chances of Console Restocking
  • PS5 Situation at Spielegrotte –> PS5 Last Drop 08/06/2022: Average Chances of Console Restocking
  • PS5 Situation at Conrad –> Last PS5 Drop 8/12/2022: Low Chances of Console Restocking
  • PS5 status on ComputerUniverse –> PS5 last drop 8/19/2022: low chance of drop online
  • PS5 Situation in Cyberport –> PS5 Last Drop 05/04/2022 (Local in Stores): Low chance of restocking consoles.

Here you can get PS5 consoles right now: Two distributors Alternate and Kaufland currently have the PS5 in stock, the console can be ordered directly from them in various packages. The following offers are currently available:

Plus, there are usually a few vendors you can buy PlayStation 5 streaming from – as long as you’re willing to invest a little extra cash. Find out more here: Buy PS5: Order Your Console Now – Partner With These Resellers

What other resellers are popular now? We are at the start of a new month and there has not yet been a significant drop in online sales in the first few days of September (apart from always available trades) – so that’s pretty much all interested traders getting excited again at this time. .

This week should be of particular interest to the big players restocking Amazon, PlayStation Direct, and MediaMarkt and Saturn (at least locally). But it will also be necessary to pay attention to some small and medium traders such as Spielegrotte, GameStop, Müller in this new week that has just begun. They say that the latter have a good chance of receiving products in September – maybe something will happen this week.

PS5 in front of the logos of the most ordinary stores.

Buying a PS5: Help with Shipping & Sale – Top Tips & Tricks

For those who are interested in buying, if you want to increase your chances of buying a PS5, you should take into account some tips and tricks in certain stores, or at least hear about them before – and this is at the best of times. , BEFORE the sale starts. Here you will find the main tips and tricks:

PS5 Buying Tips and Tricks

Buy PS5 on Amazon: get consoles in France and abroad – all tips

Buy PS5: Amazon is no longer giving away an invite-only console – how does it work?

Buying a PS5 from PlayStation Direct: these tips will help you get a console from Sony

Buying a PS5: Buying Tips and Tricks at MediaMarkt and Saturn

And if you’re looking for a PS5 abroad, you’ll find the most suitable dealers here, as well as some important tips: Buying a PS5 abroad: These dealers will deliver stress-free within Germany.

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