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Hamburg is a good time for PS5 hunters. Sony’s “Preview” operation has definitely ended for almost two weeks, but the console is still available without any problems. Many retailers offer the PlayStation 5 online non-stop, and some even sell it directly in the store. If you’re looking to purchase a copy of your coveted console, you’ll find the best modern stores here.

Console name PlayStation 5 (PS5) Manufacturer Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) Type Fixed game console Generation 09 console Storage media Blu-Ray, SSD Release date: November 19, 2020

Buy a PS5 in March 2023. Now these resellers are the best contact persons.

Here’s where the PS5 is available right now: Sony’s big PS5 promotion has ended for almost two weeks. And if more than one pessimist feared that supplies would again become scarce, or that PS5 availability would collapse completely again, it is now clear that there is no trace of a shortage of consoles. Against.

Not only can the PlayStation 5 still be easily ordered online from numerous retailers, it is also available directly onsite at select branches of several well-known vendors (such as MediaMarkt, Saturn or Expert). In short, for those looking to buy a PS5 and get their hands on it as quickly as possible, it’s easy enough.

The best points of contact were and still are PlayStation Direct, the giant email services Amazon, MediaMarkt and Saturn, as well as ComputerUniverse or Alternate. Here is an overview of retailer links for online orders:

What other retailers are interesting this week? “Normal” sales were quite rare during the “Give Pleasure in Advance” promotion and can basically be counted on the fingers of one hand.

But the promotion has ended and all affected traders should return to regular selling. Some of them, such as Müller, Amazon or MediaMarkt and Saturn, have already closed. Therefore, it is necessary to be more vigilant in the future. It is possible that other providers such as Medimax or Euronics will resume sales soon.

Here you will find an overview of the latest releases as well as current restocking prospects for all affected retailers:

  • PS5 Status on MediaMarkt & Saturn –> PS5 Last Drop March 10, 2023 at Both Retailers (Kits Still Available): High Chance for Online Shipping and Local Restocking at MediaMarkt and Saturn.
  • PS5 Situation on Amazon –> PS5 Last Drop 03/10/2023 on Amazon FR (Kits Still Available): High Chances of Console Restocking
  • PS5 Situation in OTTO –> PS5 was last released on 01/12/2022 (packs can be ordered continuously from this date): high chances of restocking consoles.
  • PS5 Situation at Müller –> Last PS5 Drop 03/01/2023 (bundle still available): high chances of restocking consoles
  • PS5 situation during PlayStation Direct –> PS5 was last released on December 28, 2022 (packs have been available since then): high chance of console restocking.
  • PS5 Situation on Alternative –> PS5 Last Drop 02/17/2023 (bundle still available): high chances of restocking consoles
  • PS5 Situation at Euronics –> Last PS5 Drop 12/29/2022: Average Console Restock Chances
  • PS5 Situation at Medimax –> Last PS5 Drop 12/01/2022: Average Chances of Console Restocking
  • PS5 Situation at GameStop –> Last PS5 Drop 12/06/2022: Medium Drop Chance Online, High Chance for Local Promotions in Stores
  • PS5 Situation in MyToys –> Last PS5 Drop 11/21/2022 (Console still available): Low chance of restocking consoles.
  • PS5 Situation in Kaufland –> Last PS5 Drop 8/29/2022: Low Chances of Console Restocking
  • PS5 Status on ComputerUniverse –> Last PS5 Drop 2/21/2023 (Kits Still Available): High Chance Online Drop
  • PS5 Situation in Cyberport –> Last PS5 Drop 12/01/2022: High Chances of Console Restocking
  • Expert PS5 Situation –> Last PS5 Drop 01/12/2022 (Local Store): Low chance of getting a drop
  • PS5 Situation at Spielegrotte –> Last PS5 Drop 09/26/2022: Low Chances of Console Restocking
  • PS5 Situation at Conrad –> Last PS5 Drop 11/11/2022: Low Chances of Console Restocking
  • PS5 Situation in Völkner –> Last PS5 Drop 01/09/2023: Low Chances of Console Restocking

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