Buying a new iPhone? Here is the perfect charger

In the category of coincidences, Anker introduced its new Anker 511 (Nano 3) charger and Anker 541 and 543 cables a few days ago, two accessories that will perfectly complement the new Apple iPhone 14.

These accessories are available in multiple colors and have been designed with sustainability and plastic waste reduction in mind. They also take up far less space in pockets and bags than the standard Apple charger. The Nano 3 sells for €24.99 and the cables start at €19.99.

Charger Anker 511 (Nano 3, 30 W)


Image: Jun Wang/ZDNET.

The Nano 3 charger is the latest addition to Anker’s Nano range. The main advantage of this charging pad is its ability to deliver 30W despite its reduced size (thanks to the use of gallium nitride). Although the Nano 3 is almost the same size as Apple’s standard 5W charger, it charges your iPhone three times faster than its competitor.


Image: Jun Wang/ZDNET.

The Nano 3 charger (center) is almost the same size as Apple’s 5W charger (left) but delivers the same power as Apple’s 30W charger (right).

Its compact design not only makes it more convenient to carry, but also reduces the amount of plastic used, which lowers its carbon footprint. Anker claims that the Nano 3 used 30.9g less plastic than comparable chargers.

Anker charger for iPhone 511

Anker iPhone Charger 511 Best Prices:

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According to Anker, the main difference between Nano II and Nano 3 is that the new model is “more secure”. The Nano 3 uses ActiveShield 2.0 technology, which intelligently monitors the temperature of the charger over three million times a day to regulate power output and protect connected devices.

The charger also supports the PPS (Programmable Power Supply) standard, which changes the voltage and current in real time depending on the charge level of the device. This makes it a suitable charger for all mobile devices including laptops, phones and tablets. PPS also makes the charger compatible with Samsung’s Super Fast Charging technology.

Biobased cables: Anker 541 (USB-C to Lightning) and Anker 543 (USB-C to USB-C)

anchor-nano-cable in hand

Image: Jun Wang/.

Anker has also launched two new “green” cables: Anker 541 (USB-C to Lightning) and Anker 543 (USB-C to USB-C). These cables have been developed using a blend of plant-derived materials to reduce the amount of plastic used.

“As a global leader in mobile charging, we have a responsibility to explore ways to reduce the impact of our products and packaging on e-waste,” said Stephen Young, CEO of Anker Innovations. “These bio-based cables are just the first step, and we are excited to be driving this eco-innovation for both our company and the consumer electronics industry as a whole. »

Anker cable for iPhone 541 (1.8 m)

Anker cable for iPhone 541 (1.8 m) – Best prices:

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The cables have been tested for durability and Anker claims the triple coil construction with nylon thread can withstand up to 20,000 bends, comparable to any other cable on the market.

Each cable is available in two sizes: 90 cm or 180 cm. The Anker 541 USB-C to Lightning cable is available from €19.99 and the Anker 543 USB-C to USB-C cable is available from €19.99.

Anker USB-C Cable (1.8m)

Anker USB-C Cable (1.8m) Best Prices:

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