Buying a Tesla in one click is now possible!

Elon Musk has never hidden this, he wants to revolutionize the automotive industry. With this new feature, it takes it one step further in that direction.

For the vast majority of car manufacturers, buying a new car requires a visit to the dealership. Here we evaluate the cost of the car, choose its options and, above all, we talk about money and financing.

But here it is, Elon Musk and Tesla are aiming to revolutionize the global automotive landscape. Therefore, this requires innovation at all levels, and the latter are very surprising, as shown by our colleagues at Frandroid.

From the Tesla mobile app, whether on IOS or even Android, you can now buy a new car! A huge step forward in the sales process that may inspire some…

End of concessions?

It was already possible to order through the Tesla website, but the manufacturer’s mobile application has just been added to the list. All you have to do is select the options you want, deposit a modest €250 deposit and you’re all set to wait.

Other firms such as Peugeot or even Ford seem to be leaning towards the possibility of buying their cars online. So far, nothing has been done, but this could reduce the costs of selling and, therefore, attract more customers. To be continued…

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