Buzz Lightyear: Behind the scenes of the VF dub, video featuring French actors

Released today is Buzz Lightyear, a spin-off of Toy Story that tells the true story of the movie that the existence of the plastic toy is based on. An old Pixar dream that comes true and allows us to discover a new facet of the character. More human, younger, and no doubt less goofy than the toy version, this Buzz Lightyear will have to face other challenges. To bring all the characters in the film to life, an entirely new cast was chosen, both for the original English and French voices. If Chris Evans represents Buzz internationally, then Francois Civil gives his voice to the space ranger. A role that suits him perfectly, especially since his performance is genuinely successful, especially when you know that this is the first time that lends itself to voice acting. Disney just released a new video of the movie that shows the actors working hard and also reveals some anecdotes about their time with these characters. And we remind you that you must stay until the end of the credits to discover 3 scenes after the credits.

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