Buzz Lightyear Takes From Infinity to Eternity With These Cool New US Postal Service Stamps

To the mailbox and beyond!

The universe’s most famous space ranger, Buzz Lightyear, will add another rung to his popularity belt as this month the US Postal Service honors the galactic hero with his own Forever postage stamps in a special issue called “Go Beyond.”

It’s the perfect timing, as Disney/Pixar’s Toy Story animated spin-off Lightyear has completed its theatrical run and is now available to watch on Disney+ and other online digital platforms. The sci-fi time travel adventure will also release on Blu-ray/DVD and 4K Ultra HD starting September 13, 2022 and will be filled with deleted scenes, cast and crew interviews, and bonus features.

After the official opening ceremony (will open in a new tab) Held Wednesday (August 3) at the historic El Capitan Theater in Hollywood, these colorful first class stamps were unveiled in memory of the brash Star Command astronaut who was introduced to fans back in 1995’s Toy Story.

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“Buzz Lightyear captured our hearts and imaginations in the first Toy Story movie,” said Isaac Cronkhite. (will open in a new tab), Postal Service Chief Logistics and Processing Officer and Executive Vice President at the event. “He taught us heroism, loyalty and perseverance. And now he’s the star of his own feature film, Light Year.

In addition to appearing in four Toy Story feature films over the years, several shorts and seasonal specials, a real-life Buzz Lightyear action figure was launched aboard NASA’s Space Shuttle Discovery in 2008. ISS and has supported NASA’s ongoing STEM education efforts.

Marky Buzz Lightyear Forever

Marky Buzz Lightyear Forever (Image credit: US Postal Service)

“Go Beyond” features a panel of 20 $12 stamps arranged in four horizontal rows of five stamps, each featuring an iconic image of Buzz Lightyear. Greg Breeding was the art director for this sci-fi project using authentic character illustrations from Pixar Animation Studios.

Each complete collector’s sheet features a full-length Buzz Lightyear on a green, gray and blue graphic background, accompanied by the slogan “From Infinity to Eternity”. The rows represent the same four designs, shuffled in a different order with the phrase “GO BEYOND”.

Among the images and poses included are a right-facing close-up of Buzz wearing his old-fashioned bubble helmet; a full-length profile showing Buzz’s sleek green and white suit; Buzz is running three-quarters to the right with his helmet fully retracted; and the image of the head and torso of a brave hero courageously preparing for dangerous missions.

Marky Buzz Lightyear Forever

Marky Buzz Lightyear Forever (Image credit: US Postal Service)

“Like Buzz, the Postal Service also looked to the stars for inspiration,” Cronkhite added. “We have many stamps dedicated to NASA’s achievements, including the space shuttle and the Apollo program that took us to the moon. And then there are our STEM Education stamps that highlight the importance of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Postal Service Accepts We are very proud to honor the best in the country with our stamp program. And Buzz Lightyear certainly fits that description. The Postal Service is proud to have worked with Disney and Pixar to bring the ‘Go Beyond’ Forever stamp to both buyers and Buzz fans.” .”

Space enthusiasts and die-hard Buzz Lightyear fans can purchase these Go Beyond stamps at post offices across the country at the official postal store at (will open in a new tab)or call (+1) 844-737-7826.

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