By your side, in the heart of this week of mobility

Organized every year from 16 to 22 September, European Mobility Week (SEM) aims to encourage citizens and communities in many European countries to opt for more environmentally friendly modes of travel.

For its 20th edition, the campaign celebrates sustainable mobility this year.

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In 2020, during the pandemic, many of you changed your behavior towards transportation. So, of course, there has been more telecommuting, but many of you have preferred walking, cycling, scooter to public transport to avoid as much contact as possible.

And today ? Would you be ready to continue?

The AICV association, specialist in learning and improving cycling

On the banks of the Ourcq canal, cyclists continue to parade in the facilities of the AICV association, Animation Insertion Culture Vélo.

Mechanical tips, a tire to inflate, or a cycling lesson to take, these are all good reasons to go.

Installed under the vaults of the old small belt, the old railway, the association is organized by vaults.

AICV Association © Getty
Quentin lhui

Therefore, it is below the first that the reception is located. It is here that Quentin Lhui met Idir Chabane, the director. Here you can also rent a bicycle.

They can be rented by the day, weekend or week.

During the first confinement, the association was taken by storm. He then established a tailored rate to allow Parisians to cycle to work.

Idir chabaneIdir chabane © Radio France
Quentin lhui

Idir also points out that “Parisians are very connected to the news” because many of them, during the week of mobility, come to inquire.

It reminds us that cycling is important and that it is important for the planet.

And it seems that Parisians know it. Every year, more and more people use this means of transport. “Some are forced and constrained by following the various policies implemented by the city, others return to first love. Very often, they ask us to repair their old bicycles, those of grandmothers, grandfathers ”.

The official repairman is called Hamid, but the association welcomes some thirty insertion trainees a year who come to help him get his bikes up and running.

HamidHamid © Radio France
Quentin lhui

For Germain, who uses the bicycle every day for his trips “It is the only means of locomotion where you can be calm, free to choose and at the same time enjoy the countryside”

The bike lanes are starting to get a bit narrow but in general they coexist well

Also remember that equipment is something that should not be neglected: “a helmet and lights are the basis for being able to see and be visible”

Maintain and equip your bike

Every day, the association welcomes Parisians who come to repair their bicycles, but also to buy parts to repair them themselves.

The opportunity for Quentin Lhui to ask Idir Chabane for advice. To be checked regularly, “obviously there is the adjustment of the brakes, the inflation of the tires and the lubrication of the chain”

We recommend that you put on a helmet and a life jacket to travel safely with motorists.

And the bell? Quentin Lhui was able to test the 2 models that are in high demand right now. Sounds to listen to in our podcast.

You should also know that the AICV also offers courses to (re) learn to control your bicycle.

And then there is the equipment that can make life easier on the bike. This is what the e-shop “I’m on a bike” offers: gloves, rain coat, suitcases, helmets, reflective elements … In short, “everything that allows you to ride a bike in a comfortable way, practical and in total safety ”, informs us Caroline Labroue, urban cyclist and founder of the e-shop.

This is where you can find, for example, a folding helmet, a popular product that easily fits in a bag.

We offer you convertible luggage here

Riding a bike with a backpack is not very pleasant. Very quickly the rider gets his back wet. That’s why Caroline Labroue has decided to put convertible luggage on the shelves. The bag is hung from the luggage rack during the trip and carried on the shoulder once it reaches its destination.

Here you are offered a multitude of practical objects but also some more unusual ones. Which ? Listen to our podcast to get the answer.

The Rivoli bike path is 10,000 steps per day.

For Caroline Labroue, the practice of cycling is intensifying and is being promoted by public authorities. Something good because the bike is more ecological, takes up less space on the road and “has a carbon footprint that has nothing to do with the car.”

Caroline labroue Caroline labroue © Radio France
Quentin lhui

He also realizes that people are getting more and more equipped and therefore continue to use their bikes even when it is cold or raining.

In the rest of our podcast, you will find the reactions of various users, including Lisa, a retiree, who has been cycling for 35 years.

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