C12 Quantum Electronics raises $ 10 million to develop its quantum computer made in France

C12 Quantum Electronics, a start-up that works on quantum accelerators and processors, announced Tuesday, June 8, 2021 its first fundraising of 10 million dollars. This funding round was carried out with the 360 ​​Capital fund, Bpifrance via its Digital Venture fund, Airbus Ventures, BNP Paribas Développement as well as business angels such as Octave Klaba (OVHcloud).

The French start-up was founded in January 2020 by Matthieu and Pierre Desjardins, Takis Kontos who is research director at CNRS, Matthieu Delbecq and Jérémie Viennot. C12 Quantum Electronics aims to develop a range of quantum accelerators that can be integrated into conventional supercomputers and to design specific processors for specific uses.

Use of a carbon nanotube
“The quantum industry is still looking for the ‘ideal qubit’ and there is a broad consensus in the scientific community that material breakthroughs are needed to build a semiconductor quantum computer.”, explain Matthieu and Pierre Desjardins, co-founders of C12 Quantum Electronics, in a press release. This is why C12 Quantum Electronics has decided to turn to the carbon nanotube, an extremely pure material which should make it possible to reduce all disturbances and errors.

The start-up explains that it is designing a qubit from an “ultra-pure carbon nanotube suspended above a silicon chip containing the control electrodes and the quantum communication bus”. These nanotubes are only composed of isotope 12 carbon atoms. “Carbon nanotubes will be for the development of quantum computing what silicon was for classical computing, because only continuous progress in materials will allow the emergence of this new industry”, want to believe the co-founders.

French production

Thanks to this fundraising, C12 Quantum Electronics wants to expand its team of developers and engineers. But also to set up a pilot production line comprising in particular a carbon nanotube growth furnace, nano-assembly devices or even quantum measurement equipment. Ultimately, the young growth wants to produce all of its quantum chips on French territory and allow innovations in transport, logistics or even health.

French tech is increasingly illustrated in quantum computing. Pasqal, another French nugget, raised 25 million euros and was selected to equip from 2023 the supercomputer of the CEA Joliot-Curie and that of the German research center in Jülich.

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