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More than a little effort to provide – Generally speaking, bitcoin and digital assets have a high correlation with certain stock market indices, especially the S & P500 index and the NASDAQ technology index. However, since the beginning of the current phase of correction, this correlation is much less present. Indeed, indices are rising while the price of digital assets is moving sideways.

CAC 40 reaches the symbolic threshold of 6500 points.

Historic record CAC 40 6944 points was reached on monday September 4, 2000 when the dot-com bubble burst. In early April, SAS returned to its levels before the pandemic before passing the peak set during 2008 crisis

Price CAC 40 (1M)

At the time of this writing CAC 40 traded just below the level 6500 bonuses and you only need to grow 7% to reach your historic record. If the recovery is indeed present, then it is felt unevenly in the French stock market.

Unibail-Rodmaco (URW) Price (1W)

Indeed, some sectors are pushing the French index higher, while others trying to recover from the crisis… With stability distant work for some companies commercial landlord Unibail is experiencing significant difficulties, which affects the course of his actions, in which losses exceed 40% compared to the beginning of 2020. Among other things recovery lag, we also have aeronautics players such as Airbus as well as Saffronwhose order books were hit by the crisis.

LVMH (MC) Price (1W)

On the other side of the performance spectrum, we have a luxury sector driven by its world number 1: LVMH… Name LVMH knows almost parabolic risewho has nothing to envy bull running bitcoins… Since the beginning of 2021, the title has been appreciated more than 50% and seems to want to continue growing. Other luxury players such as Hermes as well as Kering also displayexcellent stock market performance, which largely compensates for the decline recorded in other sectors.

The continuation of the upward trend in the French stock market will be due to two factors. On the one hand, the global economic recovery must continue. In fact, the rise in the price of luxury goods is closely linked to the rapid economic recovery in Asia. On the other hand, inflation will be the second determining factor. If inflation persists for a long time in the economic landscape, it is highly likely that it will trigger big moves in the stock market.

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