CAC 40: Dividends and share repurchases paid to shareholders in 2022 hit record levels

According to a financial letter from, “In 2022, according to our compilations, CAC 40 companies returned €80.1 billion to their shareholders, including €23.7 billion in share buybacks, the highest level ever recorded since we conducted this study. “(2003).

Record figures, despite the “difficult economic and geostrategic context”.

Dividends paid reached 56.5 billion euros, compared to 45.6 billion in 2021 and 28.6 billion in 2020 during the pandemic. “These excellent numbers are only in line with other equally excellent numbers recorded in 2022, despite the difficult economic and geostrategic context,” emphasizes, referring in particular to the lowest unemployment rate, the creation of companies in their entirety . -time high or fundraising at an unprecedented level by startups.


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According to the same source, the top three groups that reallocated capital to their shareholders accounted for 31% of the volume: TotalEnergies (€13.3bn in share buybacks or dividends), LVMH (€7.1bn) and Sanofi (€4.7bn) . The bar of 50% was overcome by adding four more groups to this trio: BNP Paribas, Stellantis, AXA and Crédit Agricole.


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