Caduceus teams up with Lord Botham to launch cricket into the metaverse

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London, England, July 23, 2022, Chenwire

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Leading blockchain technology company Caduceus has teamed up with British sports legend Lord Botham to launch a new exclusive NFT package on the Light Cycle platform.

This bold move by a Cricket Hall of Famer introduces the metaverse to the world of cricket for the first time and demonstrates the endless possibilities of Web3 technology.

Lord Botham is best known as one of England’s greatest cricketers of all time and is highly respected as a sportscaster and fundraiser for charity. His skills, determination and unique personality transcended the game and made him not only a superstar on the field, but also an outstanding sports figure. Today, the undisputed sports leader is once again a trendsetter as he demonstrates his desire to be the first to enter metaverse cricket by launching NFT on Light Cycle, the first Metaverse 3D platform to offer multiplayer 3D user experiences that allow customers to interact with their favorite brands and celebrities through online immersion.

Ian “Biffy” Botham wants to thank his loyal fans by giving them access to his legacy, giving them an unparalleled edge. After spending months researching this new market, he partnered with Caduceus, the first Metaverse-ready blockchain. He will start with a set of NFTs that will allow you to access the world of Beefy like never before. If you’re new to this space, fear not as it will feature animated tutorials to make sure everyone is involved.

Lord Botham says: “Like most people, I have heard a lot about the Metaverse and NFTs, done my research and am excited to launch my own Beefy Botham NFTs on Light Cycle based on the caduceus blockchain. I’ve created some tutorials to help my existing fans and be able to provide them with a unique user experience in addition to learning and I’m excited to bring cricket to the metaverse.

CEO Tim Bullman Caduceus said: “We cannot be elated that Lord Botham and the Light Cycle team have chosen us as partners in bringing cricket to the metaverse. The Caduceus blockchain has many USPs. The NFT pool will be listed on the Light Cycle platform we will be using. We look forward to meeting you. All of us. Keep an eye on this space, there’s a lot more to come! »

The benefits of this partnership are two-way and go beyond the simple sale and collection of NFTs. It will serve as a benchmark for what can be done in the web3 space in conjunction with global sports. This will undoubtedly attract a whole new generation of young cricketers to the Metaverse, introducing cricket to those who have already invested in the Metaverse. As part of this exciting journey, there will be educational benefits, deeper levels of engagement with the audience, as well as new levels of gamification.

“It was pointless to partner with Caduceus and launch this collection on our platform because it is simply best in class for delivering a true 3D metaverse,” says Light Cycle’s Sarah Eisen. Lord Botham’s team worked with a world famous company. studio to create NFT “Beefy Botham” for inclusive trading on our platform and we look forward to announcing further plans.

Caduceus is the world’s first metaverse protocol capable of 100,000 ultra-low transactions per second with a decentralized edge offering. It was designed to provide a metaverse development infrastructure layer and is a developer-friendly and easy-to-use basic public blockchain platform that comes with a full set of developer tools to create, fund, and scale chains of 3D worlds and digital assets. from metaverse to metaverse.

The original CMP code for the Caduceus ecosystem will be adopted by this major project, which is expected to launch cricket into the metaverse in a way never before seen.

Aside from the news of these two partnerships, Caduceus has been very busy following its famous appearance at the top of the Metaverse in Paris and the announcement of the new CMP token. Bybit, the world’s largest digital asset exchange, is expected to launch the new Caduceus CMP token on July 25, 2022. Several global digital asset exchanges, including Bitget, will also list the token.

About wand

Caduceus is a Metaverse protocol for decentralized edge delivery, an infrastructure-level open blockchain platform designed specifically for the decentralized digital world and Metaverse. It has been designed with next-level computing power and presentation capabilities, and has been shaped and developed by well-known investors and blockchain experts.

About the cycle of light

Light Cycle is a 3D Metaverse platform for fashion, entertainment, gaming, photography, music, sports, real estate, retail, and NFT. With the power of Caduceus’ unique decentralized edge solution, it enables Light Cycle to build this incredible platform.
As part of the Light Cycle roadmap, it includes a content management system that allows you to upload content and virtual assets, create various site templates, and buy land. This will allow companies to interact with their community and also allow users from all over the world to interact with their favorite brands and celebrities in a 3D environment.

About Lord Botham

Ian Botham was not only the best cricketer in England in the 1980s, but also a leading figure in the sport. He made endless headlines as his career skyrocketed, and within a year of being promoted from Somerset on his England debut in 1977, he was undisputedly the country’s flagship. Within three years, he led the team and led England to a historic victory at the Ashes with performances in both bowling and bowling that made history.


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