Cake Aik electric bike with 223 miles of range

Swedish ebike design company Cake unveiled its first electric bike this month in the form of the Åik, capable of offering a massive 223mile range. As well as the ability to carry 200 kg of cargo. Available with a 500W motor (with 1000W peak power) with a top speed of 20mph (32km/h) while in Europe it’s pedal only and you’re stuck with a 250W motor (with a peak 500 watts) capable of just 16 miles per hour (25 km). /h) max.

Starting at $6,470, Cake’s electric bike isn’t the cheapest, but it was built for the pros to provide an environmentally friendly, widerange workhorse.

Cake Aik electric bike

“The unsurpassed range allows you to work throughout the working day. Comfort and ergonomics are the key factors to unleash the full potential of the bike. With a seat by Ergon, adjustable seat post, handlebar position and grips can be adjusted to ensure comfort for all types of riders every time. Ergonomics are rigorously reviewed and consulted by experts at McKinsey Design to deliver the best driving experience every day.”

Cake Aik electric bike

“The choice of utility for demanding professionals. Pedals, power and unrivaled flotation. Nothing is left out to provide range, power and efficiency for ease of use and uncompromising economy in commercial use. Åik is designed to meet business challenges, setting a new standard for twowheeled work vehicles. With industryleading range, load capacity and ergonomics, Åik is a heavy duty transport tool with unrivaled capabilities. Hundreds of useful combinations for towing, stowing and carrying heavy loads.”

For more information, specifications and pricing of the new Cake Aik electric bike, visit the official website by clicking the link below.

Source: Cake: Edge

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