California: Autonomous Taxis Soon?

Will we soon see autonomous taxis in the United States? Several companies are approaching robotic taxi services!

California is known for being the birthplace of technology in the land of Uncle Sam. It is home to a host of innovative companies derived from the startup culture.

It includes Tesla, for example, the flagship company of Elon Musk, which is based in Palo Alto, California. Among all those present on the site, several are innovating in autonomous vehicles, such as Alphabet for example, the parent company of Google, Apple and of course Tesla.

And recently, Waymo and Cruise are getting closer to robotic taxi services in the region!

Autonomous Vehicles – Coming Soon!

Autonomous vehicle developers Waymo and Cruise have taken an important step toward launching robotaxi services in California. The highway traffic authority of the state of the United States granted them the corresponding license. But it still lacks the approval of the public services board.

At the same time, the transport authority imposed some restrictions on commercial services last week. For example, Cruise, the subsidiary of the American auto giant General Motors, is licensed to send robot taxis through the streets of San Francisco between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m., and they are allowed to move at high speed. Maximum of 30 miles per hour (which is a good 48 km / h).

Waymo, Google’s sister company, has obtained permission from the Department of Transportation to establish a robotaxi service in parts of San Francisco and Silicon Valley for now.

Both companies already have permission to test autonomous taxis, but only with full permission will they have complete pricing freedom. Waymo and Cruise, along with many other developers, have been working on robotic taxi services for years.

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