California heatwave deprives Twitter of a large data center and threatens its stability –

Times are tough for Twitter as Elon Musk struggles to reverse the takeover of the social network. In California, extreme heat has deprived the company of one of its main data centers located in Sacramento. A Twitter executive warned that another simultaneous outage could take the service offline for some of its users, according to CNN, which reviewed an internal memo.

Why is it important. The outage occurred on Monday, September 5, due to extreme weather conditions. This incident lends weight to the revelations of Pater Zatko, the former head of security at Twitter turned whistleblower. According to him, the social network does not have sufficient redundancy in its data centers, which consists in duplicating hosting at different sites in order to reduce the risk of failure in the event of a localized incident.

Peter Zatko denounced this risk in a document sent to US authorities in July, which was echoed by CNN. Small disruptions across multiple data centers could cause Twitter to temporarily shut down for weeks or even months, he said.

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