California takes action to protect children online

The debate about children’s online safety is back in the spotlight when we get back to school with the passage of an unprecedented bill in California to increase protection for minors on popular platforms and networks like Twitter, Instagram, TikTok or even YouTube and gaming platforms. . .

A US state has approved a bill called the California Design Age Restriction Act, which would require companies to increase privacy settings for those under 18 and review their policies on algorithms and targeted advertising.

The bill, passed by the California State Senate on Monday, now has to be finally approved by Gov. Gavin Newsom.

Twitter and dissatisfaction with child protection associations

This unprecedented initiative by the United States is resonating across the Old Continent. The Guardian recalls that similar legislation came into force in the United Kingdom in 2021. Future provisions of the Digital Services Act, which will be enforced in Europe in a few months, also include a section aimed at protecting European Internet users and banning certain types of targeted advertising, especially against children.

In addition, in recent days, France has become aware of the impact of social networks on the mental health of Internet users, especially the youngest. Earlier this week, several French associations for the protection of children approached the Regulatory Authority for Audiovisual and Digital Communications (Arcom) for tighter controls on violence and pornographic content on Twitter.

In their request, the associations are asking for a legal notice from the social network, which the complainants believe will make it easier for minors to access illegal content, rather than protect them.

In Twitter’s 2020 Global Impact Report, the social network says it is investing in both “technology and people to increase (its) ability to impact malicious content.”

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