Call of Duty Mobile, Week 4 Challenges, Season 3: Our Complete Guide

The Call of Duty Mobile season is advancing quickly, but like every beginning of the week, a new batch of challenges has just appeared on the game. Let’s see what we have in store this week and especially how to finish it quickly.

Multiplayer challenges

Let’s start by talking about the challenges in multiplayer mode, and note that there has been no change compared to last season. You will always have four free challenges at your disposal. There are always two paid challenges.

  • Use grenades 3 times

To start the week off nicely, here is a most explosive challenge. To make it, you just need to bring a grenade before launching the game and once in play use them three times. You can then collect the reward.

  • Use Agent Talent 4 Times

The principle of the point series is quite simple, with each action you do, it goes up until you can unlock a powerful weapon, the talent of agent. You just have to use it 4 times to validate this challenge.

  • Eliminate 20 (premium) / 45 enemies with machine guns

Last week we had the right to the challenges of machine gun kills, this week, these are machine guns that you will have to serve. Specifically, you will have to kill 45 enemies. For holders of the premium pass, an additional mission requires you to kill 20 enemies with it.

  • Win 4 (premium) / 8 games

To finish these challenges in multiplayer mode, all you have to do is play games and win them. If you have the premium pass, you will need to earn 4. An additional mission is available to everyone and asks you to earn 8.

Battle Royale mode challenges

As for the challenges of the Battle Royale mode, they are also identical to what we found last season. You can complete three free challenges per week. Finally, a challenge only available for holders of the premium pass will complete the week.

  • Slide 1 (premium) / 2 times

This challenge will ask you to use a mechanism already seen in the challenges of the previous weeks, the slide. If it is not already done, go to the settings to configure it and do 1 then 2 to get the reward.

  • Play 1 game with friends

We are faced with a very simple challenge. You will only have to play to receive the promised reward. Please note, this part must be played with one of the members of your friends list.

  • Eliminate 4 enemies with machine guns

To end this week of challenges, let’s make a new detour to the challenge asking you to perform kills with a machine gun. Battle Royale mode requires, you are asked here to kill “only” 4 enemies with. To quickly finish this challenge, we advise you to play aggressive.

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