Call of Duty: mythical maps remade in LEGO … and its price!

Game News Call of Duty: mythical maps remade in LEGO … and its price!

Minecraft, GTA V or Zelda: Breath of the Wild … All the successful video games of recent years have been entitled to impressive 3D creations. Today, Call of Duty is the target: eight of the license cards have been reproduced in their entirety on … LEGO bricks!

To celebrate the Modern Warfare engine (returning with Vanguard on November 5), DiamondLobby media has decided to reproduce eight iconic Call of Duty license cards in LEGO.

On their site, DiamondLobby explained the process followed. Indicates that you use the free software Bricklink Studio 2.0: it includes a library of different LEGO bricks and allows you to build (on your computer) creations with them. DiamondLobby then worked with the 3D designer to recreate the different maps block by block. After the builds were done, the site was primarily doing post-production – taking a photo of each achievement at a special angle, to match the one displayed by the game on the loading screens. Then came photo retouching with, in particular, adjusting the brightness.

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Almost $ 20,000 needed

So what were the DiamondLobby options? The eight chosen maps have been in the spotlight at one point or another: Crash in Modern Warfare, Nuketown with Black Ops, or Raid with Black Ops: Cold War. On its site, Diamond Lobby has also indicated the size and price of each achievement. In the order of the images, it looks like this:

  • Castle: 12,873 pieces, 1.56 mx 2.02 mx 0.64 m and $ 2,508
  • Shock: 2,167 coins, 1.11 mx 1.46 mx 0.3 m and 1,340 dollars
  • Firing range: 5133 pieces, 1.94 mx 1.79 mx 0.41 m and 1988 dollars
  • Nuketown: 5,953 pieces, 1.54mx 1.35mx 0.67m and $ 3,033
  • Rust: 1,811 pieces, 1.28 mx 1.28 mx 0.82 m and $ 1,810
  • Slums: 3,456 coins, 1.92m, 1.3m, 0.53m, and $ 1,591
  • Terminal: 18,043 pieces, 3.97 mx 2.87 mx 0.52 m and $ 4.726
  • Raid: 14,152 pieces, 1.76 mx 2.19 mx 0.42 m and $ 2,474

Terminal is therefore the most demanding card, and this on all fronts since it cost 4,726 dollars (4,076 euros) and will have required 18,043 pieces. In total, 19,470 dollars (16,000 euros) were needed. Regardless, it’s a really nice way to wait for the next Call of Duty installment. Vanguard is expected on November 5 on PC, Xbox Series, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

Source : DiamondLobby

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