Call of Duty: PlayStation fears you’ll buy an Xbox

According to Sony, Microsoft’s acquisition of a Call of Duty license could greatly influence the choice of console by buyers in the future. In particular, the company is concerned about the ability of competitors to compete with the steamroller that the franchise currently represents.

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Sony is not very serene about the future. The Japanese company recently reacted to the news of Activision Blizzard’s takeover by Microsoft by filing an application with the Administrative Council for Economic Defense of Brazil (CADE), and appears to be concerned about the acquisition of the Call of Duty franchise by its main competitor, which it believes could affect the interests gamers. console choice in the future.

Historical license with huge resources

In this document, we can find the reaction of several companies to the publisher’s takeover announcement. And according to Sony, Call of Duty’s license is so strong that only it can determine users’ choice of console.

Call of Duty is one of the staples of first-person shooter games and almost defines its category on its own. Sony doesn’t think it can break gamer habits even with a competing game on the same budget.

It’s true that the game regularly tops the sales charts with every release. And for Sony, this acquisition could hinder competition in the future, whether it’s the time invested in game development (3-5 years) or the allocated budget, which is several hundred million dollars, not to mention the large number of employees dedicated to the cause.

Fear of seeing loyal players leave

The impact of Call of Duty is so great, according to Sony, that few gamers are likely to move on to other franchises because they have gained too much loyalty over time.

Microsoft responded to these comments by responding that there was indeed competition and that many games were contesting the license.

The company also already responded to Sony’s concerns earlier this year, saying it would stick to existing contractual agreements and continue to ship Activision games for other platforms, but did not mention what would happen next with future franchises.

There have been good phone conversations with Sony executives this week. I reaffirmed our intention to honor all existing agreements following the acquisition of Activision Blizzard and our desire to keep Call of Duty on PlayStation. Sony is an important part of our industry and we value our relationship.

— Phil Spencer (@XboxP3) January 20, 2022

The Activision Blizzard acquisition still needs to be approved by the relevant authorities, and the takeover should take some time before it’s finalized. However, next year it should come into force.

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