Call of Duty Warzone Mobile: Activision’s pinnacle of mobile gaming

MOBILE BATTLE ZONE. No platform escapes Call of Duty Warzone, the battle royale that has dominated the past three years, is now coming to mobile.

[Mis à jour le 16 septembre 2022 à 10h56] September has been a busy month, to say the least, for shooter fans. Activision yesterday hosted Call of Duty Next, a conference presented by its subsidiary Infinity Ward focused on the near future of the FPS franchise. In the menu, new information about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (which will begin beta testing soon), the first images of Warzone 2.0 and especially the presentation of Call of Duty Warzone Mobile. Activision is attacking mobile phones again with a massive Battle Royale that can be played by up to 120 players. One of the most ambitious projects on this increasingly popular platform and a direct competitor to Apex Mobile launched earlier this year.

Just above, you read that Call of Duty Warzone Mobile is slated for 2024, a fairly large release window giving the developers time to fine-tune what is likely to be one of the most ambitious mobile games of all. Pre-registration is already available on the Google Play Store to try and participate in the various testing phases of the game that will take place throughout 2024. It couldn’t be easier to sign up, go to your Play Store or App Store. and click on the pre-registration button!

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