Call of the Sea – Take the plunge again!

In December 2020, the first born of the Spanish studios Out of the Blue, Call of the Sea was released on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series (including the game pass upon release). Remember: in the year 1934, you played Norah Everhart, a young woman who goes in search of her husband, Harry, missing on an island in the South Pacific. This indie game invited you on a journey in a fairly linear fashion, mainly focusing on the contemplative aspect.

And not the least, because clearly, the artistic direction was keen to offer players sublime settings. You could therefore admire the very colorful graphic touch through the 6 chapters that make up the game, all accompanied by an OST that sticks perfectly to it.

This puzzle game immersed you in the world ofHP Lovecraft : While games inspired by the author’s universe are customary to focus on horror, he stands out by focusing more on the supernatural aspect of his works. If the title is certainly reminiscent of “Call of Cthulhu”, the name of the captain who leads Norah to the island, Hodgson, refers to another writer by the name of William Hope Hodgson. His writings did not meet with the success expected at the time (19th century), and he is still very little known today, but he is renowned for his short stories and his fantastic novels. It should also be noted that the name of the whaler in the game, the Lady Shannon, directly refers to a short story byHodgson which is called The Ghost of Lady Shannon.

Once again indie games prove that they are capable of feats; even if we are not talking about a blockbuster here, Call of the Sea is a little pearl which has had the merit of offering an intimate and poetic adventure. Hoist the sail and let yourself be carried by the current! Live or relive the colorful adventure of Norah which will be available on two new platforms, namely PS4 and PS5, on May 11, 2021.

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