Callisto Protocol PS5, Xbox, and PC: Technical Review by Digital Foundry

Gamers looking to learn more about the performance they can expect when playing the new and highly anticipated Callisto protocol.
play on major platforms. It will be nice to know that the Digital Foundry team wasted no time in putting together a comparison review comparing PS5, Xbox and PC while playing the new Callisto Protocol horror adventure game.

Callisto Protocol is a thirdperson narrative horror game set 300 years in the future. The player will take on the role of Jacob Lee.

PS5 vs Xbox vs PC

“Jacob is a victim of fate thrown into the Dark Iron Prison, a maximum security prison located on Jupiter’s moon Callisto. As the prisoners begin to transform into monstrous creatures, chaos reigns in the prison. To survive, Jacob must fight his way to safety in order to escape the Dark Iron prison, uncovering the dark and disturbing secrets hidden beneath Callisto’s surface.

Using a unique mix of shooting and close combat, Jacob will have to adapt his tactics to deal with rapidly changing creatures, scavenging to unlock new weapons, equipment and abilities to avoid the growing threat and escape the horrors of Jupiter’s Dead Moon. ”

“We’ve been looking forward to this – and at least on PlayStation 5 we’re getting just a brilliant game and a decent tech demo. That’s the bulk of our review in this tech review, but there’s clearly something wrong with the Xbox Series port, while firstday PC stuttering issues are incredibly serious. Note. At 21:35, the PlayStation 5 label should say “Quality”, not “Performance”.

Source: Steam

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