Camera Lens Tamron 50400mm F/4.56.3 Di III VC VXD

This week, Transcontinenta introduced its new Tamron 50400mm F/4.56.3 Di III VC VXD Model A067 lens for Sony fullframe Emount cameras. – explained in a press release. Features include 8x magnification, only 18.3cm long and 1.1kg in weight. High image quality is ensured throughout the 50400mm focal length range thanks to the efficient arrangement of dedicated lens elements.

Because the Tamron 50400mm F/4.56.3 Di III VC VXD camera lens provides up to half lifesize magnification when focusing at close range, photographers can enjoy half macro photography thanks to the superior closeup capabilities of the camera lenses. also benefit from its huge magnification in a single camera lens. The filter size is 67mm and the MOD (Minimum Object Distance) is 25cm at the 50mm end of the lens. The new Tamron 50400mm F/4.56.3 Di III VC VXD (Model A067) will be available in the UK and Ireland sometime in the fall of 2022, although pricing has yet to be announced.

“Equipped with Tamron’s VXD (Voicecoil eXtremetorque Drive) focusing mechanism for superior quietness and responsiveness, and Tamron’s proprietary VC (Vibration Compensation) image stabilization mechanism, the lens provides versatility for all shooting scenarios.”

Tamron 50400mm Camera Lens Features:

– Wide 8x zoom starts at 50mm and expands to ultratelephoto 400mm with a single lens.
– Consistently high image quality across the entire zoom range
– VXD provides highspeed and accurate autofocus
– Equipped with Tamron’s patented VC image stabilization system.
– Advanced operational and versatile functions
Connector port for Tamron Lens Utility
A new “Focus Limiter” feature has been added to the Tamron Lens Utility.
Fast zoom (zoom ring rotates only 75°)
Optional tripod mount (ArcaSwiss compatible)
– Super compact: only 18.3 cm long and 1.155 g in weight
– Semimacro at 1:2 zoom ratio at 50mm setting.
– New design with improved texture and scratch resistance
– 67mm filter size, same as most other Tamron lenses for mirrorless cameras.
– Convenient features such as waterproof design, fluorine coating, zoom lock switch, etc.
– Compatible with many camera features and functions, including Fast Hybrid AF and Eye AF.

“The lens also features ergonomic features for comfortable shooting, such as a new lens design with improved texture and usability, and a connector for the Tamron Lens UtilityTM, originally and uniquely developed by Tamron. Also, for this Tamron 50400mm F/4.56.3 Di III VC VXD Tamron Lens Utility offers a new “Focus Limiter” feature.

An optional ArcaSwiss compatible tripod mount is available for convenience when using a tripod. All in all, the Tamron 50400mm F/4.56.3 Di III VC VXD is a highly portable, versatile zoom lens that ensures users never miss a shooting opportunity, from the standard 50mm focal length to the ultratelephoto 400mm. This is a revolutionary product that creates a whole new category of mirrorless ultratelephoto zoom lenses, another first for Tamron.”

Source: Transcontinent

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