Campagne de Brousse: “When a steak and chips is worth twelve birch trees!” “

Twisted beech and ash trees. Its fragile leaves, ocher and red, remain timidly clinging to the trees, at the mercy of the first sudden gust of wind. Soon they will leave only skeletons that will accompany the promised winter to the long afternoons by the fire. In cities, too-blue cold “LED” banners are preparing an unlikely Christmas once again subject to vague health regulations. A low sun barely warms the field. The lights of a late autumn reassure customers. It seems that the news hibernates and yet …

The war of the fish, deaf and discreet, against the backdrop of a badly assumed Brexit, ignites the people of the sea. Will we have our share of shells under the tree? BoJohnelson stands firm and our rulers are reluctant to retaliate. The next presidency of the European Union by Macroléon must not become entangled, since its inauguration, in such networks. On the borders of Europe, unhappy migrant hostages remain subject to the diplomatic games of a dictator under the control of a contemporary tsar eager to preserve his job, his power and his ammunition. Meanwhile, Joe Biden threatens to boycott the upcoming Beijing Olympics. The world is not a long, calm river.

The “measured” statement from the COP26 participants did not reassure anyone. China still builds coal-fired power plants until the very end, when a steak and chips is worth twelve birch trees. Carbon becomes obsessed. A sustainable life would require us to only shower every other day, avoid too much sport, and not move around a lot. We are ready? The planet will manage by ignoring the whims and aspirations of its inhabitants. Environmentalists think so, but during this pre-election period, candidate Yannick Jadot falls silent, undoubtedly too overwhelmed to find a bearable deal with his former competitor, the terrible Sandrine Rousseau, a promoted political adviser. The elastic is obviously too tight to find an acceptable compromise!

It is not serious! During this time, the candidates for the Republican voting offer us, from channel to continuous television channel, a strange and comical ballet in which, from the entrechats to the antics, they strive to convince us of their sincere complementarity without knowing each other. depriving any serious fangs on the legs, in all friendship, of course. They promise that everyone will support whoever wins. Some millions of viewers, who will not vote, remain trapped in front of their screens. To have. The number of registered for the next congress is increasing. Each candidate encourages their own to draw their card. This is a new way to “fill the boxes” and play with voting procedures.

The polls, to the chagrin of their promoters, do not move, confidence intervals – is it there? – understood. Mr. Z leveled off, or even lost a few points. It would have reached its own “glass ceiling”. It is not enough to zemmourise indiscriminately. He seems less welcome in his attempts at literary promotion at the borders … The road is long, had you anticipated it?

In this bleak and slow period, professional columnists are turning to welcome, for themselves, the upsurge of the epidemic. Where are we in season 3? Will the fifth wave save the audience? Should we vaccinate children ages 5 to 12? How to convince 11% of the resistance fighters? Should we confine them? Should the third dose be imposed? Infectious diseases find animal hair and its seat on talk shows. We miss Professor Jérôme Salomon! With great confidence, the president presides. Commemorates. November eleventh, November thirteenth. Good luck. We are at work.

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