Can AI make daily transportation smoother?

Daily transportation is becoming the subject of growing concern and controversy. AI provides answers that match the concerns of urban stakeholders.

Daily transportation is becoming the subject of growing concern and controversy. When several problems arise, such as congestion, pollution or noise pollution, the place of the car in urban spaces is discussed. Over the past two years, public transport use has declined sharply amid health concerns. Finally, active mobility, such as cycling or walking, sometimes finds it difficult to find its place in very dense urban environments designed primarily for cars.

These results raise an important question about the coexistence of these different modes of transportation in confined urban spaces. Everyone’s ability to move efficiently while maintaining a good quality of life in the city for everyone lies in the appropriate response.

In this context, artificial intelligence (AI) based automatic video analysis technologies are an important support point. Their applications are numerous and allow city stakeholders to transform mobility with enough subtlety to avoid inconvenience and minimize change costs.

With accurate analysis of traffic flows, it is possible to design suitable and efficient urban developments for active mobility, reduce congestion on busy streets or even dynamically adapt the public transport offer.

Understanding mobility flows through cameras and creating accurate indicators could also lead to smart city projects. For example, real-time knowledge of the occupancy of an intersection by different modes of transport (pedestrians, cyclists, motorists) can allow dynamic control of traffic light cycles and thus give preference to certain modes of transport or give priority to emergency vehicles. .

The advantage of a solution like Video AI is its flexibility and high degree of customization. Cities and mobile infrastructures can very easily access metrics on various topics such as mobility counts or parking management. They can also expand their research on city safety or cleanliness with a single robust and scalable tool.

Urban players should take advantage of the affordable solutions offered by video AI because there is an urgent need to change and improve the daily lives of our fellow citizens.

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