Can artificial intelligence steal your work?

The development of artificial intelligence could threaten many well-paid jobs.

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Bots like Chat GPT can complete tasks in minutes that take humans hours.

Here are some areas that will need to adapt to this new reality.

According to information obtained by the New York Post, robots such as Chat GPT will be able to teach certain subjects in elementary and high schools when their development is sufficiently advanced. They will be useful to help students consolidate the knowledge gained during their schooling.

Artificial intelligence can also change the world of higher education. Indeed, some experts believe that Chat GPT will eventually be able to run some courses. Graduate students can even use this tool to make writing their school work easier.

But doctoral students will have to do without it, since in the near future not a single robot will be able to create original dissertations.

Soon, employees in the financial sector will no longer need to learn how to write Excel spreadsheets.

According to the New York Post, new technologies will be able to replace employees who have undergone lengthy training to master this type of software. Artificial intelligence will also be able to process a large amount of data in a very short time.

However, robots cannot replace humans when it comes to making difficult decisions.

Web designers would be right to get excited when they see the development of artificial intelligence.

The development of codes needed to create web platforms and program software can be supported by artificial intelligence.

Several platforms have already started using artificial intelligence for writing, with rather mixed results.

Even though the bots failed to check the facts, they are very good at correcting.

They can also target important elements of the text to make a summary.

Several applications can create original images using artificial intelligence, guided by just a few guidelines.

In the near future, companies will be able to use these tools instead of using the services of a graphic designer or photographer.

However, these robots are still vulnerable to copyright issues. For example, Getty Images filed a lawsuit against Stability IA, alleging that the program copied thousands of images from its catalog.

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