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If you love occult games with a charming twist, you should definitely add Cult of the Lamb to your game collection! This game is full of demonic characters and adorable creatures; a combination not often seen in adventure games. The only thing that makes this delightfully demonic game better is the sheer number of platforms it is offered on! Cult of the Lamb is available on Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Xbox.

While this game is currently getting the attention it deserves, many people are wondering if they will be able to get this game through Xbox Game Pass. Game Pass on Xbox has an incredible amount of games in its collection, so it wouldn’t surprise anyone if they added Cult of the Lamb. Keep reading if you want to know if you can get Cult of the Lamb on Xbox Game Pass!

Is Cult of the Lamb on Xbox Game Pass?

While Cult of the Lamb is offered on Xbox, unfortunately you won’t see this game on Game Pass. This will naturally be a disappointment for many people as it would have been incredibly comfortable to play this game since it was released on Game Pass. Although this scam action game is not featured on Xbox Game Pass, you should still consider adding it to your collection.

Followers of the Cult of the LambImage via Massive Monster/Devolver Digital

Cult of the Lamb is an amazing adventure game that you won’t regret buying, especially at the relatively reasonable price of $24.99. Every penny spent on this game is worth it as it offers over 12 hours of addictive gameplay. 12 hours may not seem like much compared to larger games, but this game’s unique, action-packed storyline will draw you in and keep you enthralled with every hour you play! Fans of Hollow Knight and Don’t Starve will especially love this insanely charming adventure game.

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Regardless of the platform you use to play, you will almost certainly be able to play Cult of the Lamb! This versatile game is offered on almost every console available, so while it’s not offered on Game Pass, thankfully it’s still widely available. If you ever get stuck with this game, check out’s dozens of helpful guides to Cult of the Lamb!

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