Can we then ask for a discount?

You can always ask: the worst thing you risk is rejection.

You bought a book, an appliance, a piece of clothing, or a pair of shoes at the regular price from a store. You return a few days later to find that one of these items is already on sale. If you ask the seller to give you the same discount after the fact, keep in mind that the law does not require him to do so. However, some sellers agree to make up the difference to their customers in order to maintain a good relationship with them and strengthen their loyalty.

Ask about the policy in place at the store where you made the purchase, because the seller must comply with it. If the terms and conditions are written on the back of the invoice, pay special attention to them.

This advice is taken from 100 TIPS for Consumers, Your Rights on a Daily Basis, prepared in collaboration with the Consumer Protection Authority. On the occasion of its 50th anniversary, the Authority is offering this guide free of charge to all consumers.


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