Canada to reopen doors for vaccinated travelers

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From August 9, vaccinated Americans will be able to cross the land border with Canada. Then, from September 7, all foreign travelers, also fully vaccinated, will be able to leave for the country. So far, the US has not announced a mutual discovery.

Canada will reopen its land border on August 9 to US citizens fully vaccinated against Covid-19 and to foreign travelers on September 7, the government announced on Monday (July 19).

To enter Canada, travelers must receive two doses of Health Canada-approved vaccine at least 14 days prior to entering the country and must be asymptomatic.

“Significant border changes will take effect on August 9 to allow fully vaccinated Americans and permanent residents of the United States to enter Canada for non-material reasons,” Canadian Attorney General Patty Haidu said during a press briefing. …

At this point, the United States has not committed to mutual discovery. “We continue to rethink our travel restrictions,” said White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki, who said the United States followed the advice of its “own medical experts.”

The Trudeau government, forced in recent weeks to loosen public health regulations in a country where vaccinations are high, also announced a full vaccine launch for September.

The opening of the Canadian-US border on August 9 will be followed by “the opening of our border to fully vaccinated travelers from any country, provided they meet the conditions for entry,” Dominique LeBlanc, Minister for Intergovernmental Affairs, told a news conference. briefing.

“Great news”

The announcement, called “great news” by the Tourism Industry Association of Canada, has been campaigning for border opening for several months now. “International tourism is critical to stimulating international trade and foreign investment,” added the association, which believes “the tourism economy is once again ready to welcome visitors.”

For the CEO of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, Perrin Beatty, this is “an important step,” although he fears that “costly and administrative procedures discourage short travel and business trips.”

In some provinces, such as Quebec, American tourists make up a large proportion of visitors. United Airlines announced Monday that it will offer more flights from the United States to Canada in September.

From February 3, 2021, only Montreal, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver airports will be able to accept international flights. From August 9, airports in Halifax, Quebec, Ottawa, Winnipeg and Edmonton will be able to resume reception.

Canada closed its air border on March 18, 2020, and three days later, the world’s longest land border with the United States.

According to government figures released Monday, 75% of Canada’s residents received their first dose and one in two Canadian people is fully immunized.

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