Canadian cartoon mystery solved six years later

Emily Charette, a young woman from Ottawa whose father took the photograph, began searching to identify the caricature. She explains that this mysterious figure has been bothering her for a long time.

When you try to remember a name but can’t, it drives you crazy. »

Quote from Emily Sharett

Emily Charette, the person who started the quest, is delighted that the cartoon’s mystery has been solved.

Photo: Radio-Canada/CBC

His workplace, a marketing agency, undertook this search by running a competition for employees, but was unsuccessful.

Sophie Campbell, illustrator of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, heard about the study from friends who work at the agency. She began the search by posting a photo on her Tumblr page and even offered a cash reward to anyone who could identify the mysterious pixie.

During the week my main job was watching cartoons.she says, pointing out that she has looked at more than 30 of them.

Over the years, the mystery has lost its power.

Mystery solved thanks to two brothers in the USA

However, in 2019, Toronto-based writer Will Sloan first posted a photo of a leprechaun on Twitter. His wife, also interested in this case, persuaded him to publish it again in early September, a week ago.

After 11 Ultimately, it was the social media success of this relaunch that solved the mystery.

Lucas and Joshua Rustia, two brothers from Wisconsin, USA, accidentally stumbled upon the leprechaun mystery on YouTube.

They had a collection of videocassettes bought from eBay. One of the cassettes they had contained a TV movie called “Christmas: A Gift of Light” created by Canadian screenwriter Gabrielle St. George. The bearded elf really appears there!

Cartoon video cassette image

Lucas and Joshua Rastia, two brothers from Wisconsin, discovered a videotape that helped solve the mystery.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Contributed by Lucas and Joshua Rastia

The grand quest even caught the attention of Mrs. St. George, who was unaware of the extent of the mystery. The TV movie aired on the CBC for five years and sold internationally.

Emily Sharett, delighted that this mystery has been solved, decided to add this TV movie to her list of Christmas movies.

I really enjoyed this long adventure of the mysterious cartoon pixie, it shows the power of the internet.

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