Canal+ prepares takeover bid for OCS –

According to our colleagues at Variety who have disclosed the information, the takeover will not only affect Canal+’s streaming platform OCS. 33.3% equitybut also for a manufacturing company orange studio.

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Strategic takeover of Canal

As exclusive broadcaster HBO programs before the beginning of next year, SCO occupies a privileged position for negotiating a new agreement, but does not have sufficient weight in relation to the American giant, especially since its economic situation is difficult.

The arrival of Canal+ could balance the debate a bit and allow subsidiary Vivendi to reach a critical size to better compete with Disney+, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, which now dominate the on-demand video streaming market in France.

These last years Channel+ developed his model towards the model content aggregatorin particular, with the imminent appearance of Paramount + in its offer and the signing of the exclusive right to broadcast programs of the new organization HBO-Discovery +, will undoubtedly allow it to increase its appeal and strengthen its position in the market.

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In 2011, during a previous merger attempt, the antitrust authority vetoed it for fear of creating a dominant position, but the situation has changed and Canal+ is no longer the only player in this segment. “Canal+ had two targets, Starz and OCS/Orange Studio, but (Vincent) Bolloré (head of Vivendi) is afraid of Hollywood and OCS/Orange Studio is an attractive asset for the Canal+ Group because they have a large film library.” says a source close to the topic.

Please note that currently SCO is the host platform for popular series Game of Thrones, Euphoria, Legacy, and upcoming series House of the Dragon and The Last of Us.

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