Cancer: Can bananas prevent those caused by hereditary disease?

This is information that seems unlikely. However, researchers have shown that resistant starches, found in bananas in particular, prevent some types of cancer.

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bananas have the power to prevent cancer? results clinical test recent published in Cancer Research Preventionmay suggest. In fact, scientists have been studying whether a daily intake of 30 grams of resistant starch, a type of starch that is not digested by the body.small intestine – present in green bananas, potato or even legumes can prevent certain crayfish.

This study was conducted on very specific patients suffering from syndrome Lynch. This is problem hereditary original genetic which disrupts DNA repair mechanisms. As a result, people with Lynch syndrome have a higher risk of developing cancer at a younger age than average. Attacks are varied, but colorectal cancer is the most common, followed by endometrial cancer and colon cancer.stomach. Aspirin based treatment helps reduce the risk of developing them, but for cancers that affect other parts of the body, scientists have not found a way prevention effective… until they are interested starches persistent.

Bananas, anti-cancer gesture for people with Lynch syndrome

The results of this clinical trial are only of interest in a very limited context. By no means do these results suggest that resistant starches prevent all crayfish in the general population. On the other hand, they provide interesting data on possible means of preventing non-colorectal cancer in people with Lynch syndrome.

The 918 participants in this trial were divided into two groups: a group that consumed 30 g of resistant starch per day in powder form and a group that consumed placebo. Follow-up was carried out over a long period of time. If patients in the “resistant starch” group took this supplement for four years, then their health status and the occurrence of cancers were studied for almost ten years in most and up to twenty years in some of them.

The results show that resistant starches do not affectinfluence belonging colorectal cancer in patients with Lynch syndrome, but also in other types of cancer. The effect is especially noticeable in cancer of the upper gastrointestinal tract. In the “resistant starch” group, 27 people developed non-colorectal cancer compared to 48 in the placebo group; more than two years after the start of clinical trials.

The scientists concluded that resistant starches have a protective effect against non-colorectal cancer in people with Lynch syndrome, although they do note certain limitations of their results. Indeed, their first hypothesis was that resistant starches actually have an effect on preventing colorectal cancerwhich they couldn’t show here. prevalence Lynch syndrome in the general population is unknown, and the individual risk of each disease also depends on other factors such as age, sex, or lifestyle.

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