Cannabis and marijuana seed laws in Europe

In Europe, the current political situation regarding cannabis is very diverse, with significant differences between the different countries of the Union. In many cases, the opinions and actions of local authorities towards their central counterparts contradict each other. This creates completely confusing situations, such as in the Barcelona metropolitan area in Spain, where over 250 coffee shops currently operate in a legal gray area.

Another great novelty of this century regarding laws and cannabis is the decriminalization of CBD throughout the EU, as well as the production of industrial hemp (less than 0.2% THC), the so-called “light cannabis” in Italy. (up to 0.6% THC) and its promising market in Switzerland (up to 1% THC).

Also, it’s good to note that cannabis seeds are legal in France, but only the cultivation of marijuana seeds, such as those you can buy online, is not legal in France. Take the opportunity to try the autoflowering seeds you can find online.

However, seeds can be purchased to collect and now you can find the best marijuana seeds online with fast delivery to your doorstep!

The example of the Netherlands: the standard of liberalism in Europe

So far, the Netherlands has been at the forefront of progressive cannabis policy worldwide. Since the 1970s, cannabis use has received some recognition in the Netherlands, both legally and socially.

In 1976, the Opium Law was passed, distinguishing between “hard drugs” and “soft drugs”. Cannabis was part of the second group, which gave the green light for its decriminalization. Today, despite the fact that the perky coffee shop is still one of the attractions of the capital, the use and possession of marijuana is illegal, but the authorities turn a blind eye to this.

Then there is a situation where you can technically be convicted in the Netherlands for possession of even “small amounts” of marijuana (considering up to 5g of marijuana as a small amount). However, if you are found on the street with less than 5 g, then most likely it will be confiscated (and not even that if you are in the center of Amsterdam), and you will not be fined.

For a higher amount, a fine of 75 euros is usually imposed; or aggravated imprisonment.

With regard to consumption in public places, the authorities usually do not cause problems if the distance to schools and other centers for minors is observed, especially in the capital. In any case, if you are caught smoking marijuana, the worst thing that can happen to you is a fine.

Coffee houses operated in Amsterdam and other cities even before the Opium Law, but rather underground, with constant conflicts with local authorities. In 1979, the legal framework for coffee houses was approved, which established the conditions for the sale of cannabis without the risk of criminal consequences, even if the sale of cannabis remained illegal.

To date, coffee shops are officially recognized as the only legitimate outlets that must meet certain requirements (not sell more than 5g per day per person, do not sell or allow minors, do not sell alcohol, have a maximum supply of 500g per person).

This cannabis tolerance policy is known in Dutch as “gedoogbeleid” and is often a response to a tension between local policies and international treaties. Despite this situation of tolerance for the sale and use of cannabis in coffee shops, the so-called “black door” (growing this plant) is still illegal.

The legalization of cultivation is a fight that Dutch cannabis activists have been waging for years (thought to be 5 plants or less) on private premises, decriminalized, and the sanction is usually the confiscation of plants without prosecution. If there are 2 or more indications that the crop is being sold, you may be sentenced to community service or imprisonment.

Today, Coffeehouses are officially recognized as the only legal points of sale and must comply with certain requirements: not to sell more than 5g per day per person, not to sell or admit minors, not to sell alcohol, to have a maximum supply of 500g…

Since 2003, medical cannabis has been available by prescription in the Netherlands. On the other hand, the situation with CBD is quite confusing, its production is illegal. However, its acquisition and consumption is legal; as well as the production of technical hemp with official permission.

Thus, in the Netherlands it is allowed to grow industrial hemp, export it for the production of CBD derivatives and re-import these products to the Netherlands for sale and consumption. A curious situation, to say the least, which is also associated with a huge expenditure of resources.

In addition to developing and marketing a wide range of derivative products such as textiles, building materials, cosmetics, etc.

and in France

In our country, the situation is completely different and you can neither grow your own cannabis seeds nor smoke marijuana.

However, it is perfectly legal to order the best marijuana seeds online from and collect as many cannabis seeds and strains as you wish!

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