Cannabis and pregnancy: children are more at risk of developing psychological disorders

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  • Published on 09/18/2022 at 09:39, updated on 09/18/2022 at 09:39

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    Fetus exposed to cannabis during pregnancy have more psychological problems in childhood, according to a study published in the journal JAMA Pediatrics on September 12.

    The health effects of cannabis are often studied with consumers. Unfortunately, it seems that cannabis, like tobacco or alcohol, affects the fetus during pregnancy. Up to the fact that this exhibition will affect their childhood after birth.

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    To reach this conclusion, in 2020 researchers studied a cohort of more than 12,000 children aged nine to ten. They looked at their cognitive development and studied their brains. Two years later, the children, who were then 11 or 12 years old, were re-examined for the presence of any psychological pathologies.

    More risk of psychological disorders

    Results: Children exposed to cannabis in the womb were more prone to psychological disorders such as anxiety or depression. Researchers are also concerned that these children are more likely than others to start using cannabis at a very early age.

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    Other health effects

    This is not the first study of this drug and its effects on the fetus. Previous studies have already pointed to harmful effects of the drug in utero on children’s sleep, their cognitive development, the risk of preterm birth, or even birth weight.

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