Cannabis-Based Foods: Less Childhood Poisoning in Quebec

Quebec’s decision to ban the sale of cannabis food products may have prevented several poisonings of Quebec children compared to other provinces in Canada, a study published Wednesday suggests.

According to a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, three provinces that have legalized cannabis products for food have seen an increase in accidental poisoning among children under the age of 10.

Cannabis poisoning rates have risen 7.5 times since legalization, while Quebec has experienced half the number of hospitalizations associated with the use of cannabis products.

During the study period, stretched for 7 years, there were 581 hospitalizations among children, or 53.9% among boys, while during the legalization period in 2019, the hospitalization rate was 2.6 times higher.

After Ottawa legalized the sale of dried cannabis flowers to adults for non-medical purposes, food sales were allowed in 2020. Unlike Quebec, Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario, I allowed it.

“The goal of the study was to see how these hospital admissions for cannabis poisoning changed after the legalization of cannabis,” Dr. Daniel Myran, lead author of the study, told CTV News.

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