Cannabis dealer on scooter arrested in Place Albert Deveze

On Saturday, April 23, Brussels police arrested two suspected drug dealers. At Albert Devez Square, inspectors recorded a possible sale of drugs, the square said. They noticed a man who was behaving suspiciously. Shortly after, a second person arrived on an electric scooter and a suspicious exchange took place.

The inspectors, suspecting that this was a drug deal, decided to intervene. The man with the scooter, who turned out to be the seller, tried to escape, but to no avail. A little further he was arrested, he had 31.3 grams of marijuana.

While searching the house of the suspect in Ixelles, inspectors found 356 grams of marijuana, 40 euros, 36 packets of packaging and 19.4 grams of powder (presumably MDMA). During the search, inspectors came face to face with a second suspect at the front door, who was found to be carrying a small amount of marijuana packaged in the same bags found at the residence.

The two suspects were taken to the police station for questioning and then handed over to the prosecutor’s office. One of them admitted that he had been dealing drugs for about a year. The second suspect denies any involvement in the incident.

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