Cannabis: its legalization is “not a call for smoking!”

The Economic, Social and Environmental Council (CESE) is proposing to allow the sale of cannabis to adults. Jean-François Nathon, member of CESE and president of the interim commission that carried out this work, was Jean-Jacques Bourdin’s guest on Sud Radio on 25 January on the program “Parlons Vrai chez Bourdin”.

Describing the cannabis suppression policy still in place as a “bitter failure,” the ESEC proposes to allow sale to persons over 18 years of age, subject to safeguards.

Cannabis: ESEC proposes to allow sale to adults

“This is a long-term work that has mobilized us for over 10 months with so many auditions,” explains Jean-Francois Nathon. “If I had been told 19 months ago that I would be for controlled legalization, I would have doubted it!” he confesses to Jean-Jacques Bourdin. “This substantive work led to the fact that almost most of us spoke frankly about the inevitable legalization to calm the country. And radically refocused our police forces on human trafficking, not small consumers.” “Our police have other things to do than hunt down drug addicts on the sidewalks of France!”

Nearly 50% of French adults have already used cannabis. “It was precisely because of the failure of the policy that had been carried out for 50 years that it was necessary to dare to change. Do not wallow in failures, but move into another dimension. ESEC recommends opening highly controlled legal shops with a license. Managers will receive mandatory training on risk prevention and mitigation. It also offers controlled organic cannabis production and self-cultivation supervision. All this is accompanied by a policy in the field of education, prevention and combating human trafficking.

“This is not a recommendation or a positive view of cannabis drugs.”

“The deputies published a cross-party report in which they came to the same conclusions as we did,” recalls Jean-Francois Nathon. “We were able to use all the international experiments,” he adds. “We are no longer in the form of an assumption that it would be better. Canada, for example, has implemented part of what we stand for with results: reducing cannabis use among Canadian youth.” Malta has legalized cannabis and Germany will do so in 2024. “Are we going to remain like Putin’s Russia? This is impossible, we are a country of freedom.”

“This opinion in no way encourages smoking, especially our young people!” Jean-Francois Nathon wishes to explain. “This is not a recommendation or a positive view of cannabis drugs. This opinion represents the fight against drugs! But other than just repression.” “We are betting that our country will finally have a policy of prevention.” “We need to give our youth the opportunity to say no with tools to understand why we have to say no. But opinions are divided. For Ludovic: “This is amazing! We do not legalize drugs, we are aware of the health risks.” “We have to give the police the means to deal with this.” Giovani believes that “this is hypocrisy. We are talking about drugs, but why is cannabis a bigger problem than alcohol?”

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