Cannabis plantation discovered in Uccle after fire

Brussels firefighters were called to help on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday, around 3:20 am, by passers-by due to a roof fire that broke out in a house located at 71, chemin du Puits, in Uccle. The fire broke out at the level of the hemp plantation that was there! Firefighters were on the scene until 10:00 am. The entire house was destroyed, and another, located next door, was also damaged.

Luckily no one was there. “We can confirm that on November 30, around 3:22 am, the police were called to a house fire in Uccle. When firefighters put out the fire, they discovered a hemp plantation. The Brussels prosecutor’s office was notified and ordered several investigative actions. The investigation is ongoing,” the Brussels prosecutor’s office confirms.

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